Last night’s Rachel Platten concert was simply amazing!

“The last time I did a show in L.A., it was at the Hotel Cafe in front of 30 people!”

That was the line that made last night’s show with Rachel Platten so special. During last night’s show, Rachel shared about how four years ago she played at this small little venue. I know about that show. I was there! She would then say that she was blown away with the crowd at the El Rey, knowing that her dream has come true to perform here.

This was the magic of the show. Rachel remain humbled and blessed, sharing her journey from small venues to big international stardom. Even though she no longer has the van, and has more people in her band, she still remains as the sweetheart she was when she started. It was great to see her perform live again on the big stage. The light show was dope and the excitement from the crowd, singing along to every word was awesome.


^ Six videos from the amazing set

The opening acts for the show were Hunter Hunted and Eric Hutchinson. Both of them were very fun. Hunter Hunted were a local band with a fresh sounds. I even took a picture with them. And Eric was really funky and even did a cover of “Shake It Off” and “Hey Ya!” during his set. He even got to the floor area and danced with fans. I took a video of it but it didn’t save on my phone. What a shame.

But of course the main event was Rachel. Check out her set list.

It was so nice for her to be able to perform these songs with all the lights and the big sounds. I was really excited just to see how she would perform her shows now. It was full of energy and excitement. But of course, it was the old school feel that I craved and she did “1,000 Ships” as an homage to her past and also possibly for the new crowd to hear her old stuff.

She was shaking hands with fans up front and they were screaming their heads off. What was cool was that we met a girl named Ruby who was solo and was attending her first ever concert. She was so cool and asking questions about what the ins and outs were of the show. (Later she would wait by Rachel’s bus and would actually get a photo with her.)

I remain Rachel’s biggest supporter. I am so happy for her success. I keep feeling that since I was there four years ago that there is a deeper affection of fandom. Yet I know that her success means I get to in a sense share this joy with everyone. It is still amazing to see her grow so much in her music and these big things happen. The finale of “Fight Song” got everyone excited. I even collected a streamer from the show. Check the video playlist above!

I would love to be able to see her again and talk with her instead of just a hi hello like last time. But that will come soon. She’s so grounded and I know whenever she does another show, I’ll be there to support her. Her music continues to inspire me and I can’t wait to see what’s next!



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