I am sad but I also want to celebrate something about Prince.

You know what Prince taught me?

Prince taught me that it’s OK to be weird. It’s OK to look different. It’s OK to be myself.

I remember seeing Prince for the first time and was very confused about his purple outfit. But this music drew me in so much that I didn’t care. I don’t think Prince cared either what I thought about him.

Prince was very strange to handle but I wanted more. He was slender but his presence was so powerful. He wore whatever he wanted and somehow everything he had on was perfect. He was such an enigma that I wanted to be like him. He had that swag to a level that we only could wish for.

We could never be as cool as him. He knew he was cool yet he also wanted us to believe that about ourselves.

There were no rules for Prince and maybe that’s what we need to see in ourselves as well. He didn’t follow his life but what everyone thought he should be. He dressed differently. He played his music differently. He thought differently. And because of that, we loved him even more.

Somewhere throughout everything, all he wanted to do was make music and enjoy himself. He sure did do that. Up to his very last moment here on planet earth.

He was a once-in-a-lifetimeforever man. He reminded us that being different is OK. Just be yourself and if you are enjoying it, then nobody else can tell you different. He lived that and that’s why I loved him. That’s why I will miss him. I will hold on to that forever.


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