Rachel Platten goes old school in very intimate concert at the Grammy Museum

This was a very sweet and intimate show that Rachel Platten did tonight. I bought tickets to this show knowing that this was what I was going to see. In fact, I was really into this because it reminded me of the first time I saw Rachel in concert four years ago. It was just her and the keyboard and drummer Craig (who is awesome!). But she also had a bassist and another guitarist as well with her but it was still very stripped down.

There were no big strobe lights, loud production or anything. Just Rachel and Craig with his box drum. Oh it was magical to hear her sing these select songs:

  • Stand By You
  • Lone Ranger
  • Better Place
  • Speechless
  • Fight Song

But before all of that was a very intimate Q&A. The place was about 200 people filled and we had a time where Rachel was asked by Scott the host about many things. Rachel talked about her new habits in songwriting now that she has to balance so much. But she also talked about hos Fight Song came to be and a lot of the upbringing she had to go through while in college and up to this point.

She was honest and really just enjoying the time. I can tell she is still on Cloud 9 from all and the love from the fans was amazing. It was simply a sweet evening of her just sharing about her story.


After the show, we had the option to get one item signed by her. No photos though. Still I decided to get my ticket signed. When I approached her, I asked Rachel about the van since I was had helped her pack it up four years ago at the Hotel Cafe. Behind Rachel was Melissa, who remembered me. Melissa was on Rachel’s merch team back in 2012 when I assisted her with everything. She remembered me and us setting up all the merchandise that day.

Rachel had a joyful smile seeing me again. She was so appreciative and reached out and shook my hand and said thank you. Oh it was fun just doing this. She’s on to bigger and better things and I’m still enjoying everything that she’s doing.

What a night!

** Totally random, but I was two seats away from this guy with red hair who was in this video at the 1:20 mark.


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