Last night’s Lights concert was absolutely wonderful in so many ways!

Last night I got to see Lights at the El Rey. I had discovered her last year but didn’t really start digging into her sound a little after. Her style of electronic pop was fun and I really liked it. But I would learn that she also has taken her songs and played them on guitar for an acoustic set. She recently released “Midnight Machines,” another acoustic album of her previous hits. I was compelled to see her. Even though her pop music was the style I grew accustomed to, something about an acoustic set sounded wonderful.

The theater was filled with chairs so unlike the last time I was here, I had a place to sit and it set the mood for the evening. The entire show was absolutely wonderful. Starting off with the opening act LOLO who had a great voice and even took the time to take a picture with me! From Tennessee to living in New York.

Then Lights came on and the entire show was amazing! Because I knew her setlist, I was easily able to follow her and know what songs she did. I am still learning her catalog but it was still nice to hear songs I know in such a slow, harmonic voice. She joked with the crowd, told stories about some songs and really was a sweetheart. I like the entire night as an acoustic set. It felt real intimate and that’s what I like.


So that was the show. I didn’t buy any merchandise this time but maybe next time I see her maybe I will. Check out the PHOTOS from the show and the videos above!


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