How I got a free meal due to poor service at Big Wangs

Big Wangs is a restaurant I have walked by several times but I have never eaten at until now. It’s kind of like your sports bar. It was a Sunday night and the place was maybe half-packed. After ordering, we sat and waited. And waited. A half hour passed and our server did not come to us — not even to check on us or give us an update.

I got from my seat to find her and asked for the food. She then gave me the option to see the manager. That is rare for a server to give up so easily and let the customer see the manager.

I stood and waited and finally got to the manager who first asked if I wanted to cancel; I just said I wanted my food after this long of a wait. The manager asked what I ordered and would check on it. I saw a plate of wings come out and I said that might be ours so I returned to my seat. Five minutes later I noticed that those wings were for another table. I decided to address this to the manager again and as I stood and waited, another customer saw me and asked if this was about the food not coming. He said that was his case as well. I found the manager again.

He was in the kitchen helping out. He explained to me that the kitchen crew were kind of new and so some of them were not doing well and slowing down. I believed him. But still, this was inexcusable. I even expressed that it was not right for our server to not even come to our table the entire time to tell us about the food being slow. The manager asked me who it was and I pointed to Jasmine. The manager said he was going to have to talk to her about that. The manager was honest with me, which I respected. He then apologized and offered to comp half the bill.

By the time I returned to my table, half our food had arrived. A little later my food came and I noticed that my nacho fries had no meat. I specifically ordered meat with mine. While I went to go talk to the manager about this once again, the waitress went to the table and explained that since I ordered nacho fries, I had the option of meat (which I said I wanted) but because of the substitution of fries to tots (which she suggested) then that meat option is no longer available. She never said that when I originally placed that order.

While I was talking with the manager, he said he would comp the entire meal because he felt bad about another screw up. I understood his pain in seeing his staff struggle. I didn’t want him to do that but he insisted. We shook hands. He’s a good manager. His staff was just screwing things up.

Oh and Jasmine brought us five cups of water for a table of four. And the next time she came along, she gave us another cup of water for no reason. Then later we asked for one to-go box and she gave us four.

So that was it. The food was delicious but the entire night was terrible. The place wasn’t that filled so the staff shouldn’t have been so bad. Maybe they weren’t properly trained or maybe they just don’t care enough. Our server was awful. She didn’t even apologize for her mistakes. The manager was good though and did us right.

After all that, I got my credit card back and we left. What a strange experience.


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