I just watched the pilot episode of ‘Pitch’ and I hated it

** This post will contain spoilers

I wanted to like this show. I really wanted it to be good. I like the idea of a woman pitching in the big leagues. I would love to see that in real life.

But this show did not make it seem plausible. It didn’t even make the effort to make such a potential historical event seem like something that could actually happen. Instead, no reality was suspended and it felt like some made for TV Disney Channel movie. There were some bits of reality to it but way too much fantasy to make this show worth watching.

The idea of a woman pitching in the big leagues isn’t something that I think will never happen. I would love to see it. But Fox (yeah, my employer) did not do a great job of portraying that reality. Instead they gave us a premise with little to no background and a reality I could not live with.

There are many things that you would expect if such a thing should happen. You would expect a media presence for this event to be through the roof. No such presentation. The media presentation seemed small compared to what it should be. I did like the attempt to create a clubhouse divided on Ginny Baker’s arrival, but even at that nothing special was presented.

Why would such a major event be broadcast on FS1? Yeah, I know, Fox wants to promote their own stuff but seriously, they could have had this on Fox instead of FS1. That once again made this show so unbelievable.

There are many baseball-related things that bothered me as well. For a spot start for Baker, it’s shocking that they would keep her on the roster after her first outing. Yeah, I know it’s for ticket sales, but it was clear she was not ready and the team is already jeopardizing its season by keeping her on the roster for her next start. The All-Star Game caps suggest that this occurred in either April, May or June. The season is not a lost and it’s not a September call-up. I don’t understand why they would sacrifice a roster spot when they could easily send her back to the minors and bring her back up later. Instead, she’s wasting a roster spot. This makes absolutely no sense in baseball terms.

Secondly, the presentation of baseball things didn’t make sense. Her pitching form was real bad and any person who pitches like that would not have a lick of success in the minors, let alone the majors. And who doesn’t ice their arms after throwing over 85 pitches in a big league game? Apparently Ginny Baker. Also, did you see the batting stances and swings of the opposition? The placement of all of that was off.

The show is a fantasy that neglects to see what potential realities there are to make it believable. There are numerous opportunities to at least bring some realism into this, but instead it’s all for show.

And speaking of negligence, the way Baker’s father treats her would get child services involved. Her father, a former big league pitcher, is trying to live his dream through her by making her work every single day on her pitching. She can’t eat dinner until she pitches the way her father demands. Then we find out that instead of letting his daughter have her own ambitions, baseball was forced upon her. Then at the very end like Nutso from Above the Rim, we realize that she’s been doing this in memory of her father who died in a car accident years ago.

In a baseball sense, there are so many flaws to make this scenario real. The awful storytelling of parental negligence makes this a character I honestly have little care for. Overall, it just doesn’t present itself well in any of the necessary forms. I just did not like it at all.

I might watch the second episode to see if the show can redeem itself. But after the pilot, I might skip it.


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