Now I get it! This is how I answer “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?”

I heard this sermon this morning. I can’t remember who was preaching it. It was on the radio and I was half awake. But let me try to get the gist of it for you with my own twist.


Everyone out there does bad things. Nobody is exempt from it.

How many of you have lied?

How many of you have stolen something before?

How many of you have thought about doing something wrong?

How many of you have harbored bad thoughts toward someone?

How many of you have not followed orders from someone you were supposed to?

Yeah, we all have done that before. That’s pretty bad. We’re pretty bad people. Look at each and every one of us. None of us can say we are perfectly good. We try to be good people but look at all the bad things we’ve done. Oh it’s not pretty.

So when someone brings up this question about God: “Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?” maybe we should re-think that. Are we really good people? If we think we are good people, we are deceiving ourselves (and are pretty conceited). We do good things, but we are not close to being good.

What is good? Someone who doesn’t do all that. But that’s impossible to reach that kind of level of goodness. We are all pretty messed up folks.

We have allowed sin to enter to our lives. God doesn’t want that, but we have allowed it. Sin. Deception. Temptation. Listening to Satan. We have allowed all that to happen. That’s not good. And we’ve sinned against God and to each other so many times.

But how about we should think about it this way.

“Why does God allow good things to happen to bad people?”

Because we know that we have blessed a million times in our lives. We have so many good things that have happened to us. Do we deserve it? Absolutely not.

When we sin, we fall away from God. We turn away from God. We do bad things to God. We don’t deserve any good things.

Yet here is God giving us grace. Grace we don’t deserve. Grace in the form of His son Jesus who took all the bad that we do, took it on the cross and gave us a chance at eternal life. That is not just a good thing. It is the greatest thing.

So maybe we could rethink that question again. Instead of asking why God allows bad things to happen, we should ask why we do bad things. And if we are bad, then why does God continue to bless us and give us good things — the greatest being Jesus? It’s by God’s grace.


This really got me thinking deep this morning. I am not sure if I fully grasped the message but it now has helped me answer that question differently. What do you think? Does it make sense? Does it help?


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