Last night I saw ‘Back to the Future’ in concert and it was heavy and amazing!

When I found out about a movie concert for Back to the Future, I was all in. I had been to a movie concert before and that was for E.T.

But this was different. This was in an intimate setting at Royce Hall at UCLA. I had never been to UCLA before. Anyway, this was by the American Youth Symphony. They would have a Q&A with Alan Silvestri, the man who composed the score for the movie and who would have to remix the score for this showing.

I got to UCLA and having never been there before, was fortunate to that they had signs to tell me where to go. After the show, I walked around for about 15 minutes lost because I could not remember where I parked. Royce Hall was gorgeous and they even had someone’s custom DeLorean out on display outside the building. This was designed to match the DeLorean right when Marty went back to 1985. After all, this was the 61st anniversary of that day.

It had the conductor hook. It had Marty’s skateboard. The flux capacitor. Everything!


Inside the hall there was a buzz. I didn’t realize that the crowd would be that fun. But I would learn that during the show.

The Q&A portion began and the scheduled guest Silvestri was introduced. But then a surprise guest was introduced: BOB GALE!


He was the man who created this concept of the script and the man who gave us this amazing trilogy. OMG! He was so awesome and excited to share stories of the movie, even if we had heard the stories before.

It was a treat to see this legend so close! It was an exciting time. It was real cool to hear laughs about how Gale tried to shop this movie to studios but they would turn them down, including Disney because of the incest. Then Silvestri shared how the movie originally didn’t have a major score and how he had to get the OK to add new score from the entire trilogy just to make this show possible. Overall, this Q&A was so special. I looked to see where they both would be sitting. Why? I want to meet them during the intermission.

Then the symphony was introduced, the conductor arrived and before they even played the movie, the symphony went directly into the main theme of the film.

OK, let me tell you how good this is. Imagine your favorite movie. Imagine the main score being played live by a symphony. Can you see the smile on my face? OMG it was the biggest smile! The audio and visuals of this entire thing was special. You would have scenes that didn’t have any music added with a new score. Even scenes with dialogue was given an extra emphasis with new music. The musicians would pause and watch the movie before their cue to perform. It was fun for all.

They went into intermission right after the skateboard chase scene. I immediately got up and started to look at where Gale and Silvestri sat. I wanted to approach them. I didn’t have anything to sign but a photo would be great. I approached Gale immediately and shook his hand, thanking him for everything he did. I was so excited to take a picture with him I didn’t even allow him to talk. Oh but that selfie I took was legendary!

Silvestri was more approachable, taking photos and chatting with everyone throughout the entire intermission. I ended up getting a much better posed photo with him.

Gale was just walking around the lobby and nobody approached him until later on when a small crowd started talking to him. It was a nice 15-minute intermission so I could pee.

Back to the second half and they opened up with the score from BTTF 3 before resuming the film. BTTF 3 is my favorite of the trilogy. I loved this!

The great thing about this whole movie was the audience. They laughed at jokes that I knew were funny but haven’t laughed at for so long because I had gotten used to all the lines. The baby Joey behind bars was great. The awkwardness of George was also great laughs. There were cheers throughout the entire movie for great moments like the first kiss and the return to 1985.

This was truly special. I love this movie and to experience this movie in such a new exciting way was all I needed. I am so happy I did this. I could watch this movie over and over and never get tired. But to do it with a symphony, it was truly special. I wish you could have shared this moment with me. It was that fun!

I would go again if they did it again!



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