My opinion on Steve Harvey’s racist comments against Asian men

Oh and the people were laughing with it too.

What sucks is that the stereotype of Asian men isn’t very flattering, thus making Asian men not desirable. And Steve Harvey believes it too.

Do I care what he thinks? No. But I have much less respect for him because of this.

And I do still believe the stereotype of Asian men. Why? Because most of the Asian men I see are these stereotypes. They’re basically good at math, or doing some kind of tech work, they aren’t out in about in the Hollywood premise and all that. Some of it is not our fault. Some of it is culture. So the perception of Asian men is exactly what Harvey is saying. It’s unfair and it’s wrong but it exists because it’s an unfair truth.

Not all Asian men fit the stereotype. I am not the stereotype. And I can try my best to change the view of Asian men. But as long as the public perception continues of this and the men actually further these perceptions, it will remain. I’m not racist against my own kind but I am not ignorant to why these stereotypes exist.

Asian men are desirable. They are awesome. But the perceptions of us (some by our own fault, some by the fault of others) breathe it into existence. It’s unfair. It’s wrong. It shouldn’t happen this way. I’d like to see it changed but Harvey doesn’t help it. But it’s the time we live in unfortunately.


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