‘A Walk to Remember the Musical’ was exceptionally glorious

Last night I attended A Walk to Remember the Musical. I loved the movie so much and finding out that Janel Parrish was in it was even sweeter! I like her a lot. I think she is super pretty and talented. Plus she promised me that she there would be a chance to meet her after the show. That is awesome!

The Prospect Theatre is a very unassuming theatre in Hollywood. There was no sign for the place. I knew where the general vicinity of it was, but I had to ask the bouncer where I was and he directed me up towards the stairs.

There was a two food/drink item limit or a $15 charge would be placed on each attendee. Oooh, I ordered two of the smallest things because I was planning to eat at Shake Shack later. Still, the whole setting was very intimate. The stage was set up with music stands. I didn’t know what to expect for this show. I figured it couldn’t be a full production show, but was curious how they would perform.


Let me just say right off the bat that the Max Wagner Band who played the music throughout the night was absolutely awesome! They were rocking out all the songs from the movie soundtrack sprinkled in with some songs from that time period (like ‘Wherever You Will Go by The Calling) and one interesting take from Coldplay (“Fix You”).

The rest of the actors was awesome. Alec Cyganowski played a pretty good Landon. I don’t know if his look sold it to me but his attitude was really strong and made the character real. The entire cast was great.

To make things work for the show, they had to change up a few things. Scenes like the cement factory and the lecture from the principal were streamlined into just thoughts and mentions. The cast read their lines but did it in a way where you still felt that they were interacting despite the set up.

But the highlight of the show was the singing. Janel was simply magical. Her little mannerisms matched the movie so well and there were plenty of shouts and applause for her when she hit those high notes.

The relationship between her character and her dad (Neil Hopkins) done broke my heart into a million pieces. Check out the pictures of them embracing in my Facebook album link. They bickered and fought and hugged. It felt real too.

Because there was no major movement or interactions between characters, and the stage had no set, there was a lot of imagination for all of us. But it helped that we were all fans of the movie, so it gave us a sense of what the musical was going to be like.

The interpretations of the Switchfoot songs were great. Because the songs were a staple to the movie, it was easy to incorporate that into the show. I was floored by how well it was delivered. It enhanced the story and gave the musical its own adaptation of the love between Landon and Jamie.

Here is a short video I threw up in my IG stories last night.

It seemed like we were transported into this little safe haven that night. No problems in the world. Just us with our friends and the story we love. The songs took us back to a moment that seemed so innocent. And perhaps it was the story of the two young teens that reminded us that we should have a little more faith in things we don’t understand. God gives us that hope, so let’s take it and see where He leads us.

Overall, this show was fun — especially if you are a huge fan. It wasn’t over the top and that’s what made it special. It was our own little secret and only a small handful of people will get to experience it. That is priceless. It was magical. It was our night.


When I bought the tickets to the show, I went on Twitter to ask her something.

Janel was so sweet and so happy to have her friends and family in attendance. When she was grateful when I told her that I was a huge fan of PLL, the original movie and her work.

She then told me that they are planning a full-length production of the musical in March and encouraged me to come back. Oh I will Janel! I will!

What a fun night. Meeting Janel was so awesome. She is so pretty, so talented and super nice! Fan for life!

I posted more videos on my Twitter. Check them out here.

A fan also posted all the videos she took of both shows here.


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