I debate Dallas Braden about Tom Brady’s swag

As an A’s fan, Dallas Braden has always been one of the cool guys. He represented Stockton. Hew threw a perfect game. He hates A-Rod. All good with me.

But he also has some opinions. Whatever, not a big deal. But today, he had an interesting opinion that I disagreed with.

This is in reference to a commercial Tom Brady filmed in September (likely during his suspension) that references his fifth Super Bowl ring (which he did not win yet) and shade thrown at Roger Goodell (“Roger that!”).

Here is the commercial.

It is essentially the alternate version to a commercial that aired months ago. Both were filmed at the same time.

Shields is a local Boston area medical facility. The commercial with the four rings aired months ago. The new one aired right after the Super Bowl.

Braden’s remarks said his commercial was higher up on the Super Bowl swag scale. I argued that his aforementioned Joe Namath guarantee and Super Bowl shuffle are more impressive in swag because they were made public before the game whereas Brady’s new commercial would only be made public on the condition that he won.

Braden didn’t think I understood him how someone would leak the clip if the Patriots lost.

I’m under the impression that someone working in a local Boston medical facility would do anything to tarnish Tom Brady’s name. Plus, wouldn’t Brady take all the precaution make sure that wouldn’t happen? After Deflategate, Brady knows that he has to be careful. He destroyed his phone then. No reason to believe this new commercial gets destroyed if he lost. Braden thinks differently.

Because I have a different viewpoint, I am now considered ignorant and naive. Now if a leak was 100% guaranteed to happen, I would have a different opinion. But that’s the thing. There is no guarantee. The fact that the Patriots won only gives us hypothetical thoughts, not reality. It’s some “unrealistic” thinking on my end to believe that Tom Brady, who has been screwed over by leaked information in the past, would not be cautious in filming this and making sure everything was set up so he wouldn’t be burned by it. No, Brady is careless. Brady works with people who are untrustworthy. If something is filmed and isn’t used, it will always be made public one way or another.

Now we get back to the topic on point. Calling out the commissioner is pretty ballsy. That I agree. But filming it in September for a commercial geared towards the Boston market doesn’t make it that much more swagged out than the other mentioned instances. The commercial is only made public under the condition of victory. Not that impressive.

If the Patriots lost, what would they have aired instead? The same old one? A completely new one? What makes it a guarantee that we would be made aware of this alternate commercial and that it would be leaked? Social media is powerful, yes. But if the ONE person who has the new commercial footage destroys the video and never speaks of it, then we never know and it never gets leak. Is it too naive to think that? Apparently so.

The Shuffle and Namath guarantee all are more swagged because they were predictions made public before the game. Brady, though an idea made before the game as a few extra takes to an already existing commercial, was only going to be realized only after the game and if the team won.

I think it takes more swag to make a prediction before the game than to conditionally throw shade at the commissioner.

And what is swag? Can we even properly settle on a definition of swag we can all agree on?


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