I am sick and tired of hearing about the kids interrupting the BBC interview

If you haven’t been online today, then you probably don’t know what this is.

Take a look at the video below.

Professor Robert Kelly was on a Skype interview with BBC talking about the relations between North and South Korea. He lives in South Korea and during the interview, his kids walk in and his wife furiously tries to get them out of the room.

Cool. Fine. Whatever.

But then the video kept popping up. People kept sharing it. People kept talking about it.

I didn’t even watch the video in its entirety until halfway through the day because I didn’t care about it. The more people talked about it, the less I wanted to see it. That’s how I deal with these viral things.

Then, I saw this on my Facebook.

The headline reads: “Man attempts to give serious BBC interview, regrets ever having children”

That is your clickbait headline. This is what bothered me so much. The last part of the headline is a complete lie. Are you telling me that because of this minor incident, the man claimed he regretted being a father, having these children? What an asshole!

I used to respect Mashable but this kind of lying clickbait made me hate this video even more.

Then I came across this.

Oh great! Cultural racism! I didn’t think the woman was the nanny because looking at the kids, who look like they might be mixed and also the fact that the father lives in South Korea, all signs pointed to the woman being the mother. But here we go, this video revealed to us how awful people are with their stereotypes.

This is terrible.

I think I was more upset that the mother couldn’t keep the children out of the room in the first place. How come? What were you doing? And the dad, how come he didn’t lock the door? It’s a laughing matter.

The video was funny. But I didn’t laugh. And the more I saw it, the more I wanted it to go away. It was cool but this video outlived its 15 minutes a long time ago.


Oh Sam, are you serious man? Can’t you just enjoy kids being kids? Why you have to put a damper on this? Is a hot dog a sandwich?

If you know my personality, you know the answer to those questions.

Chill and have a nice day!


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One response to “I am sick and tired of hearing about the kids interrupting the BBC interview

  1. That click bait mashable title is seriously dumb. That whole mashable ‘article’ is dumb as well. It just tells you what happens in the video. You can find that out from just watching the video lol

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