Spoilers: I want to talk about the ending to ‘Get Out’

You read that headline. Spoilers ahead.

Prepare yourselves.

If you’re not ready, GET OUT!


I can’t get this movie out of my head. It was done so well that I keep thinking of all the nuggets, hidden messages, symbolism to the entire movie. We can all talk about those things at another time. Or read someone else’s observations. My post is about the final scene of the movie.

The scene I am talking about is the one at the very end when Chris crashes his car. Georgina is dead. Walter is about to kill him before the camera flash stuns him back to a momentary state of normality. Walter shoots Rose and them himself.

Then we enter the scene.

Here we have Chris, laying on the pavement next to dead bodies. Then a cop car pulls up the scene. And right with that, I get flashbacks. Chris stands up and puts his hands up even though he is the victim. But he’s black. There is a cop car. Hands up, don’t shoot.

My heart sank. This is the scenario we have seen too much in our world today. The cops abuse their power and make the black guy the victim. There is no justice. There are no rights. It sucks.

And as that scene unfolded, my heart ached because that was what I was expecting to happen. Chris survived this ordeal as the victim. But he was going to be set back because he was a black man that appeared to have killed a white family out of rage. That was not what happened. But Jordan Peele almost made it happen.

But that was not the case. We find out that Chris’ friend Rod was driving the car (to much delight of the three other people in the theater of the matinee show) and the ending to the film is a happy one. Chris is rescued and everything is fine.

This scene though. I think Peele nailed it by replaying a scenario that we all knew so well and watching this, I felt the reality of our world infused into the scene. I was devastated because I felt helpless. Even though it was a movie, it felt real (in a story that was somewhat fantasy, but also real).

That is some fine storytelling by Peele. This was the part of the movie I loved the most. My heart sank when it happened. Then it was joy finally that the narrative was finally one in our favor.

Well done!



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