The ‘Power Rangers’ movie was a beautiful story of empowering America’s youth

I just watched the Power Rangers movie and I have things to share. The second half of the post has spoilers so be careful when you get there. But first, some general thoughts.

It was nostalgic. Oh they had Bryan Cranston back which was nice! The names were the same and the whole premise was great. If you grew up watching the show as a kid, I think you would like this.

However, I do have to say that it was hard for me to get into this movie first because I held on to the past. I wanted to compare so much and find things I didn’t like. It was only until a little ways into the movie that I realized I had to let go. There were some great parts that took me back but it was a new chapter in the storytelling of Power Rangers. It was for the nostalgic kid in me and for the new generation to have their new heroes. Overall, I felt that they captured everything I needed to see in the movie. There was enough comedy, a little cheesy but a whole lot of fighting that gave me all the feels.

It was targeted to a PG-13 type audience and that was fine for me. I felt that anything less wouldn’t work for a movie coming out in 2017. It seemed like it was going in the direction of a movie like Spy Kids, but this was Spy Kids on steroids. It was action-packed and it was a simply fun movie. Letting go of the past allowed me to embrace this future.





The only thing that I really want to touch on are the characters of the Power Rangers. I think back to the series I watched as kid and I realized that all the rangers really had no backstory that stood out.

Aside from the one episode where the parents were trapped, I knew nothing about their families. I think Trini had a sister. But that was it. I never saw their family or knew much of their story.

But this movie made sure we knew about them and we could care about them. And each ranger had some tough trauma.

Jason – Irresponsible behavior cost him his football season (where everyone depended on him) and it strained his relationship with his dad. Single-parent home.

Zach – The wild child who fears the that the death of his ailing mother will leave him all alone. Also a single-parent household.

Billy – Smart kid who was a victim of bullying. He is autistic. He lives at home with his mom as his dad is dead I think? Another single-parent household.

Trini – Struggles to connect with parents whom she feels don’t understand her because she is gay. She has two brothers.

Kimberly – We don’t know much other than she struggles with guilt after the photo was sent. We don’t know much about her parents who make a brief appearance.

It’s kind of crazy that in the original series all five rangers were already friends and bonded well. Yet in this one, they all didn’t really know each other and it was because of their broken life they were able to bond and care for another. Jason and Billy became real good friends and Zach found support in friends he never knew they had. Trini and Kimberly felt no judgment whatsoever despite their struggles.

And in a way this was the exact we had to tell this story. In today’s world, these are problems we hear about the most. These struggles didn’t just exist now, but these are issues that are public and more real than ever before. Today’s youth are identifying more with characters they can relate to and these are the perfect characters. We all know at least one person who has dealt with these tough things in their life. And through this movie, we see that these things don’t define a person.

Instead, it was because of the support of friends they became the heroes. It’s a message that still needs to be told to this day. Despite what ugly past or how difficult a current situation is, you can still be great. You can find great friends. Your future can be bright.

And also, the message shows that there is no perfect family. What is a perfect family? Nothing is easy and it shouldn’t be. But believing there is a lot of good ahead in the world and there are good people, then anyone struggling can see and embrace all of the good.

Despite how “imperfect” all five of these teenagers were, they were the perfect ones to be the rangers. And they were absolutely wonderful. That’s the true beauty of this story.



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