‘The Circle’ movie was decent but the book is still better

Remember when I expressed my concern over The Circle? Well I saw it a few days ago and it wasn’t as bad.


Hey, I am going to go into some spoilers so prepare yourselves. 

Isn’t that always the case? The book is a lot more detailed. But I understand the difficulties a movie has to go through with time constraints and limitations in all details.

But come on, I didn’t really connect well with Mae. Maybe it’s because the love triangle, the family connections wasn’t there in the movie. I didn’t really understand the relationship with her and Annie. The book told it so much better. But here in the movie, they rushed through so much just to get me to the end.

And the end, what was that? It just felt so unsatisfying. Like, I seriously didn’t understand if there was an end. It just abruptly stopped there.

The movie wasn’t as bad but because I read the book, I knew what the story was supposed to be. I wonder if the critics who hated it read the book before?

Either way, it’s done and I don’t think I am watching this movie again.

Also, they filmed some of this at my old work place at Yahoo. That’s kind of cool.


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