‘Pretty Little Liars’ is finally done and I am relieved

It’s done!!

What started out for me as a show of curiosity of a mystery ended up as a show that dragged me to the finish line. So many times there were so many plot twists and turns I couldn’t keep up. I sometimes struggled to figure out what was going on and some episodes were just not satisfying at all. My confusion of many things didn’t help.

There were twins (two now!) and so many weird connections and how some people were the villains but ended up not made it a difficult follow many times.

But the show was a huge part of my life. It tied into my transition from the Bay to LA and now it’s done.

I liked all the characters in some fashion. The transition of each of them was really cool too. But for a show with so many twists and turns, it was hard for me to really lay my finger and recommend this show right off the bat. But if you are into that stuff, it’s for you.

Overall, it was a fun show. A difficult show to follow at times. But it all ended up being good for me to have something and finish it. The ending can be up for discussion (it felt rushed) and the whole journey there is also a huge push. But hey, we made it! Now time to find something else to watch!


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