I’m going on a mission trip to Mexico and I would like your support

Hi!!! I may have talked to you recently or maybe I haven’t talked to you in a minute. I hope you’re all well!

From July 22-28, I will be going on a mission trip to Mexico with my church (Trinity Church of the Nazarene). On this mission trip I will join my church’s youth (teenagers) group to provide a week of Vacation Bible School (a Christian summer program) to the kids at an orphanage in Ensenada. Along with Azusa Pacific University and our sister church Iglesia Luz y Poder Ministerios Cristo Vive, we will facilitate arts & crafts, activities and games with the kids. Ultimately, our goal is to share the Gospel of Jesus through many different activities, songs of worship and through authentic relationships.

This is my first time on a mission trip and first time going to Mexico. And as a leader for our youth group on the trip, I know God wants me to not only lead the kids but also lead our youth in faith as well. I feel God wants to use my passion and talents here for the kids. I am excited to go and grow!

How can you support us? First and foremost, please pray for me, my team and the kids at the orphanage. Prayer is the most powerful thing we have and I believe that with prayer, we can be filled with the spirit of God to reach these kids with the Gospel.

Additionally, we are looking for financial support. The financial goal I need to raise for the trip is $100 and it is likely that I will easily reach that. However, any amount I receive over the $100 goal will go towards the mission budget. That extra money goes towards more supplies, more food, more resources and potentially many more things the Lord can bless us with.

Would you like to support us?

Thank you and God bless you! God is good!


**To make a financial donation:

You can write a check to TRINITY CHURCH (with SAMUEL LAM – MEXICO in the memo) and mail it to P.O Box. 4010, Montebello, CA 90640


Donate online here (make sure to select Mission-Youth2Mexico)

Hit me up if you have any questions! I have time to call, messenger, meet in person, etc if you want some more info.


This summer, I have an exciting opportunity to go to Ensenada, Mexico with my church, Trinity Church of the Nazarene to share the gospel through Vacation Bible School, skits, worship, donations, and a carnival for an indigenous tribe.  Our church sent a team last year, and after seeing the experience and the needs of the areas, I am compelled to be a part of this amazing opportunity.

During this trip, we will be partnering with Azusa Pacific University and our sister church Iglesia Luz y Poder Ministerios Cristo Vive.  Many families in the Ensenada area come from migrant families looking for work, and are often scrapping by for a living.  We will minister to local orphanage, and facilitate arts & crafts, activities, and games.  We will also provide the hope of Jesus to our brothers and sisters in Ensenada. 

In order for me to go, I am looking to build a team of supporters.  First, I will need people to pray for me and my team.  Certainly, without prayer and God working nothing will happen.  Would you consider praying for me and our team daily or at a least weekly basis?  Secondly, I will need a financial assistance to help cover my cost of $100.  Our church is already subsidizing part of the costs, but would you consider contributing any amount that you feel led to give?  Any amount over $100 I receive will be added to our budget to this mission trip.

I hope all is well with you, and I want to thank you for your consideration.


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