Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ was trash and here’s why

It’s quite simple. You white wash this classic Japanese story you will get some confusion.

Of course if you watch this with no knowledge of the original you might think it’s OK. But even at that, this story had no character development and felt rushed. The attempted infusion of Asian culture (or lack thereof) in this sense is not good either. Worst of all, it felt so confusing.

The plot is good but what makes this so bad was that it’s a complex story that you can’t fit in only 100 minutes. The characters need to develop. The background of L needs to be explained more. The love interest needs to be so much more complex.

This movie lacked a lot. On its own, it’s OK. But if you know the original, then you know that this was just an awful attempt to make an extra buck off someone else’s great idea.

I watched it. I wanted to like it. But I couldn’t. It just fell flat.


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