I had a listening party with Rachel Platten and it was so beautiful

You all know I am a huge Rachel Platten fan. It goes back more than five years ago. Look at all the things I’ve experienced with her.

It all started with an announcement:

I then responded with this:

Then after shifting around a work shift, I made it to the Village Studio which was about 15 minutes from my office. A little waiting, a little chatting with a couple other fans waiting, we were taken inside to a room that was big, filled with couches. We sat and waited for the party to begin. (They had drinks and a fruit/cheese platter. That I dig!)

So after waiting for over an hour Rachel finally came in after a recording session. We were so happy to see her. She hugged everyone. It was so cool! She sat down and just told us how much she loved us and wanted to share her music with all of us. She had never done anything like this except once a week ago. But this was a more intimate setting about 15 fans and her crew.

She played some songs, including “Broken Glass” to start off. The rest of the music is from her newest album featuring songs like Shivers (dedicated to her husband), Grace (which got two girls crying — I got emotional too), Keep Up, Collide… that’s all I can remember. It was really cool as she answered questions and even explained what each song was about. Even once she encouraged some of us to get up and dance, so I did and it was cool to dance with her. She moved around during each song to sit with some of us and just to began chatting. It was cool being able to just chill with her. (Although it was kind of weird to have that boom mic hanging above us during these moments.)

She and her team partner Clarissa both remember from when we first met at the Hotel Cafe five years ago. She was so excited to see me and pointed me out during the listening party. I sat on the floor and just moved my body to the songs. Those with cameras definitely caught me in my moves!

Afterward we were asked if anyone wanted to share thoughts or questions. I opted to share, saying that because now she’s with a big label, she has more tools to be creative. You can hear her sounds and expressions becoming more deeper because now she has more tools in production. And I thought that was great for her music and she liked that perspective a lot.

It was a cool session jamming to about seven songs, laughing with each other and enjoying good music. We took a great group picture and even Rachel put us up on her IG story (above) from the session. I was even asked by her crew for an interview asking about her influence on me, my favorite song and what her message is. That was cool.

She was in a rush to get back to recording so no photo or autographs. But that’s cool. I’ll see her again. Probably on her next tour.

What a blast. Her smile, her attitude, her love. Everything about her is still as genuine as the first time I met her. She’s a joy!

Farewell to the recording studio that has hosted artists like Dr. Dre, Fleetwood Mac, NIN and so many more!


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