Christianity: I don’t get what you’re saying

Take a look at the above graphic. Oh I love it!

If you are in a Christian circle, you’ll know what this is about. Christians have these certain lingos that we throw around so often that it either loses meaning or it actually makes the person hearing it react differently that intended. It’s not to say it’s just Christianity. Every group has their own lingo. But having been in a Christian circle pretty much my entire life, I know these terms and it can get annoying.

For example, I shared this.

Also what is a “sinner’s prayer”? Like everyone talks about in relation to salvation but I never heard of it. It’s assumed that all Christians know what it is. I don’t know.

This thread on Facebook got me thinking about how Christians talk with one another. Are we even talking to each other in our code language and using that same language with people outside of church? Of course it is discouraged to talk with a language unfamiliar to those you are trying to reach. It’s that for any situation involving any thing we like or believe in. You’re going to go use modern slang with your grandparents. They won’t get it. But somehow even in Christian circles, the language we use among fellow Christians is confusing.

“Let’s love on them” is a common phrase I didn’t think too much about but it ended up being brought up a lot in the thread. I then realized that it’s a confusing term. I had never heard of that term until I got to college. Then it became so common. But shouldn’t we love people as Christians? Do we need to use a specific term to describe what we should already be doing?

This isn’t to bash the Christian language. In fact, I am very aware that this is just common with all kinds of circles. But I feel that there must be warning even when we use “Christianese” among other fellow Christians. (Christianese itself is a term only used in Christian circles… ironic.)

A lot of these terms that are so common either are unknown or even uncommon talk. It’s like we’ve altered our common talk with each other and we switch into something else when we are around Christians. Do we need to say “Father God” after every sentence in prayer?

Maybe there is a way for us to be able to talk with one another without the assumption that we all understand this lingo. Instead of saying “We are going to fellowship” can’t we just say “we are hanging out”?

I don’t know. I am thinking out loud. But I do think it is worth it to bring up that even using Christianese language among fellow Christians may not be the best thing. Let’s avoid it and stop assuming all Christians know what these terms mean. Maybe it will be less confusing if we talk like we normally do elsewhere.


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