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I love President Donald Trump despite many disagreements — it’s the right Christian thing to do

About a month ago I was reading my daily devotion and it was about LOVE. That word in Christianity is a simple word but it holds so many different levels and understanding. The devotion talked about how even though sometimes a person may have wronged you, that forgiveness is the right response and that you have to love your enemies.

This isn’t something new to me. I grew up with these principles. I believe in them. Jesus Christ preached it. He loved and forgave those who ended capturing Him and crucifying Him. He showed the way to love.

But that made me think about something. Who actually are my enemies? My arrogant self made me think that there is no possible way for anyone not to like me. That means I must not have any enemies, right?

No. I had to dig deeper. I started to think about who I would consider my enemies. Not people hating me, but people I was hating.

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My thoughts on the election as a non-political minority male and as a Christian

WOW! What a crazy night that was. So many twists and turns and an ending that nobody really thought would happen. But here we are. Donald Trump will be our next president.

There are a lot of thoughts going on in my head and I want to share them. I don’t really care if you read it. I don’t care if you agree or not. But I do want to at least share my thoughts on it in hopes that we can have better dialogue together. Because even though we are at a time with this country is so divided, I still want to believe that we all will be OK. I hope that we will still be a united country.

But before I even go into my thoughts, I will tell you everything about my political views so that you understand me better. You may not agree with my viewpoint but I want to be honest. Maybe being honest is the way we need to be to help each other.  Continue reading


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