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Christmas just isn’t enjoyable for me

Christmas is supposed to be fun, right? I mean, the holiday is supposed to bring joy to people with gifts, family and joy. But not for me. Christmas has always been one of my least favorite holidays of the year. In fact, I just find the whole “holiday season” to be stressful.

I remember my friend once told me that the reason why I don’t like Christmas was because I was never rooted in a joy for the holiday because I never believed in Santa Claus. I was told that I missed out on enjoying Christmas to its fullness because I didn’t believe in Santa. Well, you tell me how I am supposed to be in Santa. I lived in a neighborhood that would shoot some guy creeping around at night into people’s houses. The house I lived in did not have a chimney. Those mall Santas all looked so different. I just didn’t believe in this guy named Santa.

Of course it didn’t help either that my parents don’t care about Santa either and never played that game. No new Christmas gifts under the tree. So yeah, Santa was fake and I had no other reason to care about this holiday.

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Starbucks and coffee drinkers and anti-Christmas nonsense

I remember last year people got all offended because Starbucks released red cups that had minimal design. I didn’t understand. Like what was the reason for the outrage?

Then I realized. I don’t drink coffee. I don’t have a weird warped concept of reality because of coffee.

The more I think about it, the more I wanted to see people angry. Yeah! Starbucks is anti-Christ or something because their cups are are the foundation of my faith or some kind of nonsense.

Anyway, people were freaking out about these new green cups. Hahahaha! Well, it’s too early for Christmas cups. Well, actually, it isn’t. Christmas has been around since August because our corporate greed tells us this. Man I hate what Christmas has become.

Anyway, look at that link and see all the dumb overreactions. Man, it’s just a coffee cup. But of course, I don’t drink coffee so I think I may have a grasp on reality.

Coffee drinkers need their Jesus cups from Starbucks or else the whole system is the anti-Christ during this late-year holiday season in which we can’t mention anything that will offend anyone.

Coffee drinkers, am I right?

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Don’t wish me a ‘Happy Holidays’ while we’re at church

I hate the term “Happy Holidays” around these parts. If you celebrate Christmas, just say “Merry Christmas” and move on. Yet I have encountered “Happy Holidays” while at church. That’s weird. Jesus isn’t a touchy subject in these parts.

I don’t know if it’s too much pressure to remain PC that it carries over. Maybe they don’t Jesus isn’t important. I don’t know. But this PC thing has gone so far even the church isn’t safe from it.

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Merry Christmas to you and you and you!

So on Wednesday I celebrated Festivus. I hate what Christmas has become: a commercialized money-spending hog of a holiday.

I don’t give gifts. I don’t do cards. I don’t do decorations. I don’t sing songs.

But out of all that, I still remember the real meaning of Christmas. This is the fulfillment of God’s promise of salvation. This is John 3:16. This is God loving us so much that He gave up what means the most to Him.

This is why Christmas matters to me.

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Why are Christians wasting their time complaining about the Starbucks red Christmas cups?

OK, I just found out about this. Check out this summary of the nonsense in the tweet above.

First of all, I don’t drink coffee. I drink it occasionally but I never go to Starbucks because I want coffee. Never in my life have I ever desired to drink coffee. Most times when I do, I’m with people. I’m a social coffee drinker.

I am also Christian. I am a Christian who doesn’t care for coffee or what Starbucks does.

With that said, after reading the above story, I could not shake my head any more. If I did, I’d get whiplash. Is this really an issue? First of all, I didn’t even know Starbucks had seasonal themed holiday cups for Christmastime. I didn’t even know this was a big deal to people. Like if you showed me these cups, I wouldn’t even know they were supposed to mean something important.

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Merry Christmas everyone!

Your birth gave us life. Thanks, Jesus.

Every year as Christmas rolls along I start to wonder what I am doing. On one hand, I enjoy the deals stores have because I get to buy stuff for myself. I don’t really get gifts for anyone else unless I really have a great idea. Other than that, it’s just a White Elephant gift here and there and that’s really it. The commercialism, the materialism, the lies of Santa are all ignored. I’m not a grinch, but Christmas is stressful and I don’t want to deal with it.

Then on the other hand, I know that Christmas means nothing to me unless it includes Jesus. You see, I know that this is the beginning of a fulfilled promise by God to save us. He loved us so much, that He sent Jesus to save us. We are no longer slaves to sin, but free in His love. That’s crazy and of course if you don’t believe in God, that’s a bunch of nonsense. I get it. If I wasn’t Christian, this is hard to believe.

But I do want to say and remind those who don’t believe — and even those who do believe — that this time of year reminds us that things are good. And things are always good. But when this season is done, we go back to our jobs, our misery and all that. But with Jesus, it’s different. Understanding who and why Jesus is hard. But understanding that we can be loved no matter how screwed up we are is tough to grasp but much more relateable. We all desire to be loved and that’s what God offers. No condemnation, no restrictions. Just love.

This is why Christmas exists. Because God loved us that much, He sent us His only Son to show us the way. That’s wonderful! That’s amazing. That’s why I celebrate Christmas.

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The ‘What If’ Christmas

I just wrote a blog post about the “what if” of Christmas if Jesus never came.

Love God, Love People, Change the World

By Samuel Lam

What if Jesus never came to save us?

As we are in the Christmas season and we have so much to do (decoration, buying gifts) during this time of year, we often lose track of the importance and reason of Christmas. This past Sunday, we had an amazing sermon about the core foundation of Christmas. I recommend you check it out right here. It’s very powerful.

I haven’t really fully participated in Christmas as the world tells me to do so. I don’t put up decorations or even do any gift buying for others. It’s not that I am a Grinch, but I have come to realize that for the longest time, I have ignored Jesus in this whole story. Christmas was more about the eggnog and wreaths than the actual story of Jesus’ arrival. It just didn’t feel right.

Then it made me wonder: What…

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