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This auto mechanic was nice to me because I was wearing my church shirt

I am volunteering at VBS this week for my church and one of the things that all leaders do is wear this purple volunteer shirt that the church provided. Following the VBS day, there was a minor accident in which my bumper was dented. Knowing that I would be super busy the rest of the week and I would only have this afternoon to get it taken care of, I drove around my neighborhood looking for a body shop.

I came across this one body shop and the owner told me that he could fix the dent. But because his workers were out to lunch, it would be an hour wait for them to return and fix my bumper. He said it would be $50 so I gave him that and was prepared to walk across the street to get some lunch to wait it out. Shortly after, he waved me back in telling me that it was already done. It took only five minutes.

He then told me that if I had went with my insurance, that it would be around $700 or so that I could get back for the damages from the person who hit my car. Then he told me this really interesting revelation. He noted of the shirt I was wearing (see above) and it was the same shirt my housemate was wearing with me. He said that because he saw that I was a church guy that he knew I was a good honest person and he did me that solid. He said that for small tasks like this, he would turn them down because it wasn’t worth his time. But for some reason, because of me being a church person, he gave me the deal. He did say that I should be an honest guy and not go through insurance.

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