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Warriors NBA Finals thoughts

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Warriors win 73 games and I am so happy!

I am speechless. I am really speechless. Forget all the Kobe talk about scoring 60 points. This is more important. This is a better accomplishment. This is history!

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Attending the Warriors parade was an amazing experience for me


But at the end of the day...

The Warriors winning the championship was a dream come true to me and naturally I had to find a way to the parade. I knew that it was going to be hard to get up to the Bay from LA but I figured it out. I would take a midnight bus from LA up to Oakland. I arrived at the West Oakland BART station at 6:20 in the morning and took a one station stop to Lake Merritt.

Walking to the rally location was quite an adventure. There were people camping their spots at least a few hours before I even got there and trying to find my friends was really difficult. But once I got to a nice spot on the grass with the lake right behind me, it was a great view of the stage.

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The Warriors’ championship run taught me the beautiful lesson of patience


But at the end of the day...

Patience is hard to come by when you’re a fan of a franchise that has struggled to reach the top for 40 years. It’s hard to believe that something good can happen when everything wrong has happened. I didn’t think that the enduring pain of seeing the Warriors falter for so many years would go away.

Yet tonight, all that pain and suffering was washed away. Just like that.

Being a Warriors fan wasn’t easy growing up. I was in first grade when I mimicked my first basketball player. That was Chris Mullin. I thought the Warriors were the best. But in the following years, we would see bad trades, bad coaches and bad play. Yet I stuck with them. I didn’t know any better. But I knew that they were the team I fell in love with first and I would stick with them. They were my home team…

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Warriors to the NBA Finals is all the gravy

As I think back to last night, I realized that I didn’t cry. I could have cried. I should have cried.

It was that 5-year old kid at St. Joseph’s Elementary school making his first basket on the playground, thinking back to the Warriors he saw on TV.

It’s that kid who was so excited about the Antawn Jamison draft pick that he drew Jamison’s new Warriors jersey and taped it on his wall.

It was that little boy who thought that the head coaching changes were decent and that the 1999 team was on to good things.

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Warriors didn’t play well, but Clippers fans remain swagless

I went to Game 2. Warriors got owned. But even for a playoff game, the crowd was not as loud as I thought.

Maybe I am spoiled since the Warriors have the best playoff crowd in all of basketball, but there just wasn’t enough loud cheers and super excitement. Staples Center was kinda filled with swagless Clippers fans. That is, if they really are Clippers fans.

But anyway, what a shame the Warriors lost. But they did take one of the Clips’ home games, which is all I could ask for. Now back to Oracle.

Let’s go!

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Well that was not all that great

Last night I attended a job fair that was held at Staples Center. Part of the perk was that I could get a ticket to the game.

But the job fair was supposed to be sports related but it ended up being all ticketing and marketing sales. They had Clippers, Dodgers, Kings, UCLA reps there but it was not all that great. I still got a chance to talk to a few reps but it really wasn’t all that. But who knows where my resume goes.

But I did go to the Warriors game afterward. But they lost. Weak.

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