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Where is my urgency? My friends are going to hell!

I remember my sophomore year. Or maybe it was my junior year. One of those years in college we invited a guest speaker to speak at fellowship. He was a pastor but admitted he didn’t feel like being at the meeting. He didn’t have the passion to preach. But he did relay one message. He was going to preach because he didn’t want people to go to hell. He wanted to share the gospel. He didn’t want anyone to leave without knowing about Jesus. He would not squander away the chance.

“I DON’T WANT MY FRIENDS TO GO TO HELL!” he yelled out. He said that at every opportunity possible, he would preach the gospel. He felt convicted to share the good news to anyone he saw. I admired that. Then I looked at myself and see how far away I am from it.

Where is my conviction. I sure don’t want my friends going to hell. Isn’t that enough already to motivate me to preach the word to my friends. Doesn’t that motivate me enough to at least try bringing up the good news? Instead I cost through life knowing that people I care about are going to hell.

That’s heavy. Salvation is that important to me. Yet here I am holding onto the word and not sharing it. Where is my urgency? Maybe I’ve been too careful for too long. Maybe I just need to trust God more.

That message still sticks to me. I still don’t know why I haven’t done anything about it yet.


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If I don’t believe in Jesus, then I am for sure going to Hell

Scare tactics.

No! No! No!

I don’t remember where I heard this but I remember someone saying that there are way too many people saying that we are bound to Hell because we don’t believe in Jesus. But in reality, our destination to Hell has nothing to do with Jesus. Sin is the reason why we’re going to Hell. Jesus is the solution.

One of the things that I had encountered so many times when I went to SJSU was the people above. They would walk around with their megaphones proclaiming death and damnation. Their signs would tell us that “God Hates Fags” and “Turn to Jesus or go to Hell” or something like that. And I wasn’t sure if I should approach them and try to correct them or just ignore them.

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