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Great night hanging out with MC Jin for a free concert ‘at his home’

Last week I saw this post on Instagram and I knew that I had to attend. What’s cool about this was that the last time I saw MC Jin was at The Great Company during the summer of 2014. It was going to be cool to go back to this really cool place and see him perform.

I had seen him perform 10 years ago when I was at SJSU and last year during the 626 Night Market. But getting this intimate setting up close was pretty special.

The last time I was here I didn’t get a chance to really notice the graffiti along the wall. The neighborhood is in this dark part of LA with factories. But it’s a pretty neat looking exterior at night. Inside the building is mostly wood and brick but it has a real nice structure feel to it.

While we waited outside, he came out, met everyone and ordered a duck taco. He was all about that. Then he said we’d be getting in shortly.

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Day 10 of the 21-day fast: Prayers answered and I am sick

First of all, I am sick. I blame this on myself. I was wearing a T-shirt and it was cold inside my cousin’s house. I didn’t wear my sweatshirt. Now I have a stuffy nose and I am sneezing. It’s draining some of my energy but I just gotta find a way to not do too much and keep myself warm at all times.

But here’s a cool story from last night. MC Jin and I had been talking about a new clothing line he was about to launch. At that time, it was on the hush hush until he told me last night what it was: iknowHIM.com

(This doesn’t technically break my media fast since it’s only secular media I have to fast from)

But here’s the cool part. He wore this design on a sweatshirt a few weeks back while freestyling on a show. It was an amazing testimony as he incorporated his faith into his raps. My friend whom I told you about having lunch with last week, actually told me he watched the same freestyle and wanted that shirt real bad. He googled it trying to find it. And the following week, his prayer is answered. How crazy is that? God somehow answered that prayer through the faithfulness of Jin. Sure, it’s just a shirt, but a shirt with a message so powerful that it is an attention grabber. And for all the right reasons.

So I placed my order and I will wear it whenever it comes to my doorstep. Jin liked that story about my friend so much that he said he wants to share it on social media. Since I can’t go on social, I guess I have to just wait until the fast to see it. But I trust it will be great and glorify God.

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#626NightMarket fun with MC Jin and lots of food

Check out my videos here. Check out my photos here.

I had never been to the 626 Night Market before. I just heard about it from time to time but never really made an effort to care. It was only until I heard that MC Jin was going to perform that I realized it would be the perfect place for me to check out the foods and vendors and also watch Jin perform. It was back in 2005 when I first saw Jin perform (my first rap concert if you will) and he was dope. But as I got to follow his career, gotten to know him, meet him and just see him grow, I like where he’s headed to now.

When I got to the market, I was overwhelmed by the vendors and shops. They had a lot of cool artwork. I almost bought some stuff but maintained to my spending to food.

Stinky tofu? Yes! I got it! Also, check out this.

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My afternoon with MC Jin was a huge blessing from God

It all started with a simple question. And any other Sunday, I would have missed the question.

This past weekend was very busy for me. I was running around from my new job, to V3con’s opening awards ceremony, to an all day adventure with more V3con and the Back to the Future screening. Physically I was drained. So the very next morning, I wasn’t feeling all too energetic. I decided to just take it easy in the morning, not rush out of the house for the men’s Sunday School at 9:30am. I knew I would just show up a little later, but I needed to just rest a little bit more in the morning.

As I was looking through Facebook, I saw the above post. Had I left my house at 9:30 like I normally do, I would have not seen it. But I did see this post and I dropped MC Jin an email.

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