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I am sick and tired of hearing about the kids interrupting the BBC interview

If you haven’t been online today, then you probably don’t know what this is.

Take a look at the video below.

Professor Robert Kelly was on a Skype interview with BBC talking about the relations between North and South Korea. He lives in South Korea and during the interview, his kids walk in and his wife furiously tries to get them out of the room.

Cool. Fine. Whatever.

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#NationalSiblingsDay is a myth

Why does this day exist? Why do people who have a brother or sister deem it necessary to have a day dedicated to that fact? What about those who don’t have siblings? Do they have an official day? Of course not.

This day is a myth. It doesn’t exist. It’s a figment of the imagination. It’s for the insecurities of those who have siblings and can’t handle the real world like only-children like myself.

What a weird day for odd folks. They’ll make a holiday out of anything that has no significance.

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