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Back at the Coliseum for my A’s and some root beer floats

On Tuesday I made it back to the Coliseum for the first time in over three seasons. And it was Root Beer Float Day! I hadn’t been to one since 2011 when Mark Ellis was traded.

But it was so fun to be back. Free parking. A great catch up with some friends and look! Dave Kaval and Ken Korach took photos with me!

Additionally, I just enjoyed hearing the sounds of the game, walking through the park, seeing the field I grew up loving. It was special. I missed all of it. I want to go back!

The Coliseum is old but it still has a fun feel to it. I love you, Oakland!


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Finally that recap about the spring training trip

This past weekend I went out to Phoenix to catch some spring training. It was a tough drive since I was going out to the Grand Canyon first. That was a seven-hour drive and on three hours sleep.


But wow the Grand Canyon is gorgeous. I’ve been to the Hoover Dam part before but going to the South Rim and seeing all of that was amazing! I was breathless, even though I was super tired.

Then the rest of the night was just to get back to the Phoenix area, get some Lo-Lo’s (yes, oh that place again!) before heading to crash.

The next two nights had me go to Peoria to see the Indians vs Padres. That park is really nice. It was great to sit, relax and just soak up some Indians baseball. The next game the day after was the A’s and Cubs. Hohokam was really nice. Way better than Phoenix Municipal. It was a simple park and I really liked it because it still looked really fancy and up to date modern.

What made this trip also great was that I went back to the places that I had eaten before for fun. Not only did we do Lo-Lol’s, but we also did Matt’s Big Breakfast and Haus Murphy’s. I made multiple trips to Cracker Barrel too.

Honestly, I want to go back next year and try out new food places. See the A’s at home and get a game in at Goodyear. That I must!

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Opening day baby!

Not gonna be in Oakland for the first time in a long while. I attended the last five opening day games. But it’s a first for me to be away. It sucks but I will be cheering from work. I’ll be wearing my A’s gear at work too. Go A’s!!

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A’s disappoint in postseason again but I’m OK

The game of baseball is fun. You have highs and lows when cheering for a team. But that’s why I love the game. There are no guarantees and there is so much unpredictability. I just witnessed one of the greatest baseball postseason games of all time. Bummed that the A’s lost. But I still love this game.

There are hopes and expectations to this team and the game. But I don’t expect them to owe anything back to me. It’s just a game. There are things out of my control and things I can’t predict.

That’s why I watch. Because you never know what can happen. It’s a result I didn’t like but I knew these things can happen as a fan. We’ll see how next year goes for this team.

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Custom Tony La Russa Oakland Athletics bobblehead

Before and after.

This was something I had thought about for some time but never got to it. But after the two-year hiatus, I got an old Tony La Russa Cardinals bobblehead and converted it into what he wore when managing the A’s.

From the socks to the uniform, I think I captured it well. It wasn’t an easy conversion but I am happy with what I ended up with.

One issue I did encounter was that the head fell off. I don’t have any glue so I will glue it back on later.

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Custom Jim Johnson Oakland Athletics bobblehead

The before and after.

After a two-year hiatus, I have returned to paint bobbleheads. I had planned this for a while but since I moved to LA, I didn’t bring any of my bobblehead tools, which basically meant i didn’t paint.

But with the A’s picking up Jim Johnson, I decided to paint his bobblehead. He didn’t start off well but I think he’s going to get it right soon.

The process for this was simple. Dremel sand off all the logos I didn’t want to keep. I gave a quick white coating to the entire thing before I started painting it. The gallery will show the progression of it.

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Last night’s awesome experience at the A’s-Angels game

One of the great things about going to Anaheim to watch the Angels and A’s play is that A’s fans show up and they are so loud.

Seeing my good buddy Jeff there was something I was glad to do. Last time the A’s were in town we sat next to each other, got some TV time, and really had a ball. I went with two other friends but I made sure I found him. And look at us, we ended up wearing the same shirt.

The game was a fun one and it had its ups and downs. Angels fans aren’t very loud per usual but when the home run from Jaso cleared the wall, the place went dead silent and then the A’s fans erupted. The dejection was so sweet.

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