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Back at the Coliseum for my A’s and some root beer floats

On Tuesday I made it back to the Coliseum for the first time in over three seasons. And it was Root Beer Float Day! I hadn’t been to one since 2011 when Mark Ellis was traded.

But it was so fun to be back. Free parking. A great catch up with some friends and look! Dave Kaval and Ken Korach took photos with me!

Additionally, I just enjoyed hearing the sounds of the game, walking through the park, seeing the field I grew up loving. It was special. I missed all of it. I want to go back!

The Coliseum is old but it still has a fun feel to it. I love you, Oakland!


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Recapping Opening Day at the Oakland Coliseum

My recap of the first game of the year and my experience coming back home.

But at the end of the day...

Another Opening Day and another one I make. Since I live in Los Angeles, it’s a little harder for me to be back in the Bay for certain things. But Opening Day was one event I couldn’t miss. I found my way back to Oakland and it was going to be a great celebration.

The day started off with me watching other teams start their season through my MLB.TV app on my phone. Good stuff. It got me juiced up for the entire day. I couldn’t wait to get to Oakland!

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2012 Oakland Athletics: This season was more than just a game for me

A’s players salute the fans for an amazing season.

If you tried to write a script for a movie on the 2012 Oakland Athletics team you’d get rejected by ever major movie company in Hollywood. Their story was something that even the craziest writers in the world couldn’t dream up. The team defied so many odds, so many injuries and gave the city of Oakland and the baseball world one of the most improbable seasons in history.

Unfortunately the season ended last night in a 6-0 loss to the Detroit Tigers. But the scene following the game was one of the most beautiful things ever seen in baseball. As the Tigers celebrated, the Oakland A’s fans stood, gave their players a “Let’s Go Oakland!” chant. The standing ovation for their beloved Oakland team led to what I consider a pure moment of appreciation. The fans stayed to thank the players. The players in return gave their curtain calls to the fans. Even the Tigers tipped their caps to a worthy opponent. Then right there on the field, the A’s players embraced each other — acknowledging a truly amazing adventure through the summer of 2012 that they would never forget.


It was a very odd start to the baseball season. The A’s entered Spring Training with hopes of bringing back Manny Ramirez to their roster in May. Scott Sizemore’s injury forced the A’s to turn to Josh Donaldson at the position and the roster was filled with rookies and some players that the fanbase barely knew. And stranger was the season began a week before everyone else — and it was in Tokyo.

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Last night is the reason why we love the game of baseball

A quick blog on what last night was. Still so pumped, don’t know if I can actually sit down and write something.

But at the end of the day...

I was there last night. And last night reminded me why I love baseball. In fact, the entire season for the 2012 Oakland Athletics is a constant reminder of why the game of baseball is the best in the world.

Last night featured great drama with the Tigers taking an early lead. Then Josh Donaldson with a great defensive play. The A’s bullpen finding a way to keep it close. Then the improbable A’s doing what they do best, they rally in the 9th and produce one of the greatest comebacks I’ve ever seen.

Josh Reddick’s single brought back life to this Coliseum that had a nervous feel to it. The crowd still believed, but until Reddick got that hit, and the crowd exploded. Josh Donaldson’s double blew the roof off. And once again, the team started to feel the mojo at the Coliseum. Seth Smith’s double blew the roof…

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What an incredible experience it was last night at the A’s playoff game


What an electric atmosphere it was last night. This was my first ever playoff game at the Coliseum and it was everything I wanted it to be and more. Oh man, I cannot put into words how great it was to see the place rocking, the A’s winning and another day of playoff baseball tonight.

I don’t know what to blog about in this post so I’ll just recap my awesome night.

The day started off with me back at home after a flight from LA the previous night. I was lucky enough that my work schedule allowed me to come back home to see family and friends and catch these games. I left my house at around 2PM to go to El Pollo Loco to pick up their burrito platter for some tailgating. Luckily the El Pollo Loco was only 15 minutes from the Coliseum. I parked at the BART station and walked over to my friend Pete’s crew in the parking lot.

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I think I did the first public Bernie at the Oakland Coliseum

During an Oakland A’s game last season (Sept 2, 2011) I was caught on TV. But the cooler thing that day was that between an inning, the lovely Kara interviewed me and my friends. It was a Q&A and I got the answer right.

And as promised to Kara, after the question when the music played, we’d dance. One of the dances I did was “The Bernie”. This was before this season’s craze with the dance. I actually did the dance at the Coliseum in 2011. Please give me credit for bringing the dance to the Oakland public.

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My last Oakland A’s home game for some time

One last time at the good ol' Coliseum.

Since I will be moving down to SoCal for work next week, today was the last day time for me to catch the A’s at the Coliseum. It was sad but I know I’ll be back one day. I just don’t know when.

We got the Rollie Fingers bobblehead (which I later sold for $30 since I am getting another one in the mail from the A’s later) and it was a really cool tribute to the 1972 team before the game. It was a fun time and I just really soaked up the A’s atmosphere.

The team didn’t win but I am OK with that. I really just was happy to be back at the Coliseum. It’s just one place for me where I am truly happy. I love this team and I will miss coming to the Coliseum for games.


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