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I finally got to see Tess Henley perform live on Revolt TV!

Tess5Let me tell you a story.

Last year I saw that somebody followed me on Twitter. It was a singer/songwriter/music artist by the name of Tess Henley. I had never heard of her before at the time but I was curious as to why she would follow me. Maybe it was because I tweet about music a lot. Out of curiosity, I decided to go to Spotify to listen to some her stuff, see what she was about. I dug her sound. It was refreshing and fun. I followed back.

As I continued to listen to her music more, I became a fan. I would every now and then just put on her music during my writing sessions. I even picked up her latest EP, which is very good.

In fact, my last story was partially inspired by her. I detailed it here.

I had always wanted to see her perform live since I started listening her music. I think it was because she was an artist I liked and she seemed to be just real down to earth. Plus I like going to concerts, so there’s that too. But unfortunately with my busyness of schedule with my job, I rarely ever can make it out to any concerts at night anymore. But then I found out that she’s performing for Revolt at noon and I knew that I could pull that one off.

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