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Farewell red brick dorms at SJSU

I lived in Royce during my freshman year. I experienced college there for the first time. Homework. Drinking. Slacking off. Drug use. I didn’t do all of that. But I saw some of it. Oh and it was fun to meet people and just getting to enjoy the college life right in the heart of campus.

They are gone now. I will miss it. So many memories all gone.

Thank you brick dorms. It was fun!


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My very short and sweet Military Bowl recap

I blogged about my adventures on my sports blog. It pretty much covers everything and I don’t want to re-type everything. So take this LINK and the last three entries as my recap.

That is all. I am back home now and working tomorrow. Great trip and very worth it.

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SJSU football’s 10 wins, an awesome swan song and all the goodies of going bowling

So cool for SJSU football!!!

But at the end of the day...

San Jose State football finished with a 10-2 record after their win over Louisiana Tech. It was the program’s first 10-win season since 1987. LA Tech had defeated SJSU in their past five meetings and Tech was actually ranked in the Top 25 this year.

But SJSU now can go dummy. They finish in second place in the WAC’s final season. It’s a bittersweet farewell to the conference as SJSU goes to the Mountain West, but this season was fantastic for the conference’s swan song. A thrilling football game between two of college football’s rising programs.

It’s pretty crazy that the last time SJSU was in a bowl game was in 2006. They barely were a good team that year, but they won enough games and went to the New Mexico Bowl. I don’t know what’s in store for SJSU, but I really hope I can go and watch them play. It…

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Why did it take me so long to get into Fleetwood Mac?

Shame on me. I should have gotten into these guys sooner.

Now first of all, let me give you some background. I knew of Fleetwood Mac for a very long time. But I never got a chance to really listen to them until recently. I knew about them when I was in high school and I was starting to get into my classic rock phase.

The first song that I heard from them (when I knew it was them) was “The Chain” and I fell in love with that song. I then found it it was from Rumours and through reading and other things, I was told that was a great album. I even borrowed it from the library my freshman year at SJSU, but I never really listened to it. I just burned it.

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My last two days covering the 49ers at SJSU

Vernon Davis (left) has always been a cool cat to me. Michael Crabtree (right) is starting to grow on me.

For the last two days, I have been at Spartan Stadium at SJSU watching the 49ers practice. Due to the lockout, the players are forced to practice outside of the 49ers team facility. Spartan Stadium was the next closest big football field, so it was cool to be back at my alma mater.

I like covering 49ers practices. It’s much more exciting than covering the games. Here, the players are more relaxed, more talkative and a lot more friendly. Here we get a chance to know the players more and get to see them outside of a pressure situation.

I won’t go into specifics on which players are doing what, but overall, I’ve gotten a better impression on some of them. The ones I already like continue to be class acts. Others are starting to become leaders and the ones that I didn’t know so well, I got to see a little bit more of.

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