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Happy Easter! It is accomplished! The resurrected Jesus saves us all!

I know I keep using this footage every Easter, but there is not a message that resonates with the resurrection for me more than this. We celebrate Easter but at times don’t realize why the resurrected Jesus matters. It’s with the resurrection that mission was accomplished, and that we all are saved.

Jesus came down to bring us salvation. He fought off Satan’s temptation, remembered His purpose here and saved us. This is why we celebrate. What Jesus was sent down to do, it was accomplished. When He rose, it was fulfilled. It is perfect.

Jesus saved us. We are free!

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How do we define the identity of Jesus Christ?

One of my favorite things to do is to see how other people define Jesus. What is the image of Jesus they have in their mind and hearts? One way to see that is through film.

I’ve seen a lot of Jesus movies over the years. I’ve seen a lot of Jesus sketches and everything in between. There’s a certain image or portrayal of Jesus that I continue to see through most of these films: He’s unreal.

And that’s not a bad thing. Jesus was unreal in a sense that He was something that we had never seen before. He was out of this world (figuratively, literally, bothly) and because of that, it’s hard to characterize Him because we have never dealt with anyone like Him. But when I see these films, it’s the fact that He’s more God than human really surprises me. Is that how we view Him? Is he more God than human even though He is equally both?

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Happy Easter! The resurrected Jesus is what the people need

Jesus is Risen!

Happy Easter!

One of the things that strikes me about Easter is that without the resurrection of Christ, there isn’t eternal salvation. Simply put: everything that Jesus did on His time on earth means absolutely nothing if He doesn’t raise from the dead.

All throughout the world, the people are looking for their Savior. They are looking for the answer to God. When Jesus walked the earth, the people were happy. But deep down inside, they needed something more than just Jesus. They needed the resurrected Jesus.

I have another clip from The Last Temptation of Christ that better explains this than I can.

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Good Friday: Looking back at the last temptation of Christ through film

The ultimate sacrifice.

Today is Good Friday — the observance in the Christian faith of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. To me this one of those days where I have to sit back and think about how tough it must have been for Jesus on the cross.

He had so many opportunities to do miracles during his trial and even save His own life from the cross. People pressured hHm to do it, but He knew that in order to bring salvation, He had to go through the entire thing.

It’s hard to grasp sometimes as to what Jesus went through as he hung on the cross. Many times when the story is told, we don’t get to see the human side of Him struggle with the temptation to walk away and seek a normal life.

I want you to check out this video…

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