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I felt bad for Tupac’s legacy after watching ‘All Eyez on Me’

Let me first tell you that I am a huge Tupac fan. I am a fan that owns all his albums. I am a fan who researched and downloaded all his original recordings (which would later be put into his posthumous releases). I also have two posters of him in my childhood room. I have seen all his movies. I am a huge fan.

With that said, I came into “All Eyez on Me” with the knowledge of the critics’ less than enthusiastic reviews of the film. Jada Pinkett-Smith and 50 Cent have expressed their dislike of the movie as well. I was hopeful that maybe my perception wouldn’t be swayed. But it was. And when I watched the film, I was disappointed.

Overall the movie was decent for the casual fan who may not know his story. But still, the struggle to fit in 25 years of his life into a film is hard. Rather than focus on a part of his life, we got a directionless film that went all over the place. We struggled to identify with the character and that unfortunately led to the anti-climactic end which really didn’t give much to the enigmatic rap star.

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Celebrating Tupac and Stevie Wonder all in the same night

Stevie Wonder and friends sing happy birthday to MLK.

Last night was one of the best music nights of my life.

It started off with a day at the Grammy Museum checking out an exhibit on my favorite rapper of all time, Tupac. Then afterward, an all-star Grammy salute to Stevie Wonder at the Nokia Theater. And that all-star showcase was phenomenal. But before I get to that, I want to tell you how this all came about.

I always sign up to be a seatfiller for great Hollywood events and I so happen to get one for this Stevie Wonder tribute show (which airs next Monday on CBS). So since I will be heading to Nokia Theater that day, I decided to go check out the Grammy Museum. I have been there before but that was over a year ago and there was a new Tupac exhibit there. So me and my friend met up and checked it out. It was a small little wing of the museum but it was impressive.

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