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I had a dream I was WWE tag team champion

Last night was a weird dream. I never had a deep desire to be a wrestler. It was a fantasy but it was never anything I really considered. Yet last night, it was my dream.

I don’t even have a good amount of vivid details about it. I was in Cumberland Church in San Francisco. This was the church I went to for Chinese School as a kid. I vaguely remember my entrance to the ring, but here I was in front of 100 people in this packed area. My friend Ryan was there to support me.

It was a 8-man tag match so I didn’t even get a chance to pin anybody. I don’t remember who my partner was. I don’t even know why I had a real and replica belt with me. The belt was white. I just remember doing a few moves and the match ended.

I got up on the turnbuckle as they turned off the lights and the fans cheered for me, the hometown kid. I tried to mingle with the fans a little but that was gone and I awoke.

It was strange. But I was wrestling champion last night.


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