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Escaping into my own little world of something

Random thought that came to my mind. If I ever was a music artist, I want to do a double album called “Escape”. One disc will feature soft music like Clazziquai Project and the other disc will be more aggressive rock.

The theme of the album is me escaping. The soft album is me escaping from the world and just floating on a cloud of happiness. The aggressive album is me escaping the world — but this time running through walls.

Just a random though. Enjoy the song above. One of my favorites from Clazziquai.


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I am now convinced that I should work at Twitter right now

This was from Twitter a couple days ago. It’s a funny satire that works so well on so many levels. Maybe I should work for them…

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My fantastic time at Oakland A’s Fanfest in which Coco Crisp gets a kick out of the bobblehead I made of him

Coco loved the bobblehead I showed him.

Sunday was Oakland A’s Fanfest and I was so glad it returned. Held at Oracle Arena, they had Q&A, photos, autographs and a bunch of other things. I got a chance to do as much as I wanted and after looking back at it, this may have been the most perfect day.

The day started off with me getting to the Coliseum with my buddy Chris stupid early. We wanted to be one of the early birds to buy tickets to A’s games. We then realized that unlike last year, there was no incentive in buying tickets early. So instead, we went straight to the Fanfest line.

The entrance was right next to the photo booth, so he and I went immediately to line up there and get our photos taken with David Justice and Scott Hatteberg. Right after that, we got right back in line to get a photo with Jermaine Mitchell and Coco Crisp.

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Been so busy, I’ve lost track of all my favorite music artists

Over the past year, I have been so so busy that I haven’t been able to keep up with my current favorite artist. I finally got around to listening to Kary’s new album that came out in November. (I remember I used to be on top of her new stuff when I was in college).

I have found myself recently listening to a lot of songs that I listened to when I was in high school. This was before I got into my Hong Kong music phase. It was the rap and hip hop phase I had in high school. Bone Thugs~N~Harmony baby!!!!

To me, that’s probably the safest for me. Just something that I am comfortable with. But I miss listening to some Hong Kong music. So right now, I am trying to get back into some of it. And what sucks is that Kary is coming to SF on February 4 for Miss Chinatown but I’ll be busy doing other stuff in SF that day.

I will see her perform in concert hopefully one day.

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Custom painting my new Coco Crisp Oakland Athletics bobblehead (with afro!)

When Coco Crisp busted out the afro back in 2011, I knew that this was an opportunity to work on this crazy project. I had hoped the A’s would have done it for a giveaway but I just felt that this opportunity was too good to pass up.

[I ended up meeting him on Sunday and link to my story at bottom of post]

I paid $25 for this 2005 Cleveland Indians Crisp bobblehead and got to working on it. This surprisingly only took me two days to complete. The painting was relatively easy. Deciding what to use for his afro was a different story. I wish I could have found a base bobblehead of him playing defense, but him running the bases works out fine too.

After the jump, I’ve included a slideshow with each slide detailing every step of this project. (To see my other bobblehead works, click here)

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Why is this photo of Barack Obama giving a fist bump circulating on Facebook?

What's the big deal?

This photo has been circulating on my Facebook for a couple weeks and people keep reposting it over and over again. As I look at this photo, I don’t understand why it’s so important to repost.

I fist bump people all the time. It’s not something that’s difficult and I don’t get huge attention when I do it. Would there be an image of Obama tying his shoes circulating next week?

Can someone explain to me why this photo is such big news? Am I missing something?

I think I have an idea why people think it’s important, but I want to hear people’s explanations first.

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I’m on Fail Blog for the wrong reason

Apparently my work from back in 2010 is now featured on Fail Blog because a person who commented on the piece made a prediction or some sort that came true on Sunday. Coincidence, but very strange and sad that this is how I get featured on Fail Blog.

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