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Two big things in my life

First of all, Prince music is back as they are set to do a Grammy tribute to him tonight.

Second of all, I finally am letting go of my beef with Ms. Korte. I am mailing this and it is closure.


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I debate Dallas Braden about Tom Brady’s swag

As an A’s fan, Dallas Braden has always been one of the cool guys. He represented Stockton. Hew threw a perfect game. He hates A-Rod. All good with me.

But he also has some opinions.Ā Whatever, not a big deal. But today, he had an interesting opinion that I disagreed with.

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‘A Walk to Remember the Musical’ was exceptionally glorious

Last night I attended A Walk to Remember the Musical. I loved the movie so much and finding out that Janel Parrish was in it was even sweeter! I like her a lot. I think she is super pretty and talented. Plus she promised me that she there would be a chance to meet her after the show. That is awesome!

The Prospect Theatre is a very unassuming theatre in Hollywood. There was no sign for the place. I knew where the general vicinity of it was, but I had to ask the bouncer where I was and he directed me up towards the stairs.

There was a two food/drink item limit or a $15 charge would be placed on each attendee. Oooh, I ordered two of the smallest thingsĀ because I was planning to eat at Shake Shack later. Still, the whole setting was very intimate. The stage was set up with music stands. I didn’t know what to expect for this show. I figured it couldn’t be a full production show, but was curious how they would perform.


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