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First episode of “Under the Dome” was great and I want more

So far, so good.

As you know, I read the book not too long ago and I was really excited when I found out they were doing this series. I just watched the first episode and I could not be happier with it. It has everything that the first part of the book featured and it was gripping.

Much like the book, you are wondering what’s going on and who the characters were all about. This show has it. I don’t expect it to follow everything to the book exact, so but so far it’s been pretty accurate. Who knows what they’ll have for the rest of the summer? But so far, in comparison to the book, it’s good and I like what I’ve seen so far.


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Maybe I will be at the Coliseum this week… wait, I am! Coco Lean bobblehead day!!!

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Just watched the pilot for ‘Devious Maids’ and it’s a whole lot of stereotypes

As some of you may know, I have seen every episode of Desperate Housewives. Naturally when I found out about Devious Maids, it grabbed my attention. Not only is the style and approach the same, but it involves latin maids, which is something that I kind of am interested it. It’s partially because I like seeing the minority get some TV time, but I bet I can identify with their struggles because of their struggle to fit in this country.

But of course, this show had to touch on a lot of stereotypes to make this show work. We have rich white people problems, neglecting mothers, liars, backstabbers and basically all the kind of drama that you love in a TV show like this. I for one am hooked.

I wouldn’t say this show is all that great. It might not even last past one season. But with the mind of Eva Longoria and Marc Cherry, it does what it needed to get my attention. All the lies, deceit, sex and all the other things in between, I’m stuck in a show where there are hidden agendas everywhere and a storyline that somehow is good enough to make me want more.

Guilty pleasure? Probably. But why not? It’s the summer time!

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This ‘Whodunnit’ show on ABC has grabbed my attention

I wasn’t expecting to watch the show today. In fact, I was kinda hoping to watch “Devious Maids” instead. (I then found out it was on Lifetime and I don’t have that.)

But this show came on and I decided to watch it. It’s a mystery show kind of like the board game Clue. There is a killer among the contestants and one by one, a contestant dies. The goal is to be the last one left and find the killer.

The show was really bumpy and kind of hard to get into first. But as it went on, it started to make some sense and the ending of the first episode had a good cliffhanger. It’s intriguing enough where I do want to find out who the killer is.

I guess that means I’m tuning in next week.

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The ‘Man of Steel’ soundtrack is everything that I want it to be

The cover.

The cover.

I listened to the score of this soundtrack last week. I loved it so much, I bought it. After seeing the movie twice, it was natural that I would go out and get this soundtrack.

Hans Zimmer is amazing in it and the fact that it features artists like Sheila E, Pharrell and Jason Bonham on it makes it even cooler. And on my way back home today listening to it, I realized how well the music worked with the movie. It really pushed that image of this Superman being as real as ever to us.

I loved this soundtrack and it really captures the soul. Glad I got this limited edition version. It’s just very nice!

What we have inside.

What we have inside.

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RIP Jackie Chan

Because if the Internet says so, it must be true. But it isn’t. But people will believe anything on the Internet, right?

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Watching “Man of Steel” a second time was even better

I saw the movie a second time today. Saw it Monday, saw it this morning. I took a different approach to it and really focused on the Smallville upbringing. It was beautiful. Seriously, the soul of this young outsider’s story was amazing.

Not going to go too much detail about my thoughts this second time around, but I will say that this movie is the complete opposite of what the previous Superman stories have told us. In fact, this movie was just saw raw that I really felt that it is great to stand alone as itself.

The superhero part never truly attracted me to Superman. It’s his desire to be human, his desire to fit in — that’s what makes me love this character so much. This movie captured it better than any other story. That’s why I like this one. I can’t wait for the sequel.

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