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What an amazing game. Wow.

I met up with my friends at the game and when we went in, all the seats hat shirts. Each shirt had one of the four sayings on the back: Unite, Protect, Defend, Battle. I got Defend. Unite was the rare one.

The crowd was not as loud as We Believe but it was still amazing. My voice is still lost but Steph Curry went stupid and I loved it. The entire game was so good and I stood for most of the 4th quarter. I love this team and I am glad to be part of an amazing crowd.



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‘Spamalot’ was fantastic and I am so glad I saw it!

I saw Spamalot finally today. It was at Simi Valley, which was a little less than an hour drive from my place, but with the afternoon free and the ticket at half price to $11, why not?

I have always loved Monty Python and this was a perfect thing for me. I had known about this musical since it first came out but I never saw it. I never had the opportunity. But today’s show was so fun.


Much like the movie itself, it had all the classic scenes (black knight, rabbit, etc.) and it really was so funny. The songs were great and every actor had a great voice. The characters were so unique and funny, it was truly a fun show. I am glad I saw it.

Can’t really give a review. I don’t know how to do one really. But I think if you enjoy Monty Python, this is a perfect musical to see.

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It’s go time Warriors!

I was there for We Believe.

Let’s make magic happen again!

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New “Man of Steel” trailer has me super excited!

The best superhero ever and I cannot wait for this!!!! And Amy Adams!!!!

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The Boston Marathon tragedy and how sometimes we just will never understand

I don’t get it. I don’t understand why someone would do this. In fact, I don’t understand any kind of violence like this.

What good does it do when you set off explosives or hurt a mass amount of people like this? I don’t get it. I don’t want to get it. I don’t want to understand what kind of sick, twisted mindset one has to be in to plan such an occurrence.

But through these kind of evil acts, I am always reminded that good will always triumph evil. No matter what kind of evil finds its way into our lives, there are way more good people that will stop it. We might suffer in the process, but we’re stronger because of it.

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The new “Man of Steel” Superman trailer got me all excited


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A wonderful day at AngeLOL Stadium to see the A’s dominate

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I was so glad I had the day off on Wednesday to watch the A’s take on the Angels. I love my team and I was so glad to be part of the awesome A’s crowd that invaded the stadium. I wore my lucky stirrups to the game (I am now 3-0 at games when I wear them) and I got Chris Young to toss me a ball during BP.

What’s even cooler was that the Angels fans were acting like stupid clowns with the wave, stupid chants and beach balls. I am glad that the A’s domination shut them up and sent them home early.

Good times. Lots of A’s fans around too. High fives for everybody!

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