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Jack Del Rio gets fired — I’m going to miss that guy

Jack Del Rio wasn't a coach that got the best out of a mediocre roster.

The Jaguars announced today that Jack Del Rio has been fired and replaced by Mel Tucker. Also, Wayne Weaver is selling the team to Shahid Khan. The team plans to stay in Jacksonville.

As a huge Jags fan, this is tough because it’s a lot of things that I have think about. Del Rio was the team’s second head coach in franchise history and in nine seasons, he has had miraculous wins and disappointing losses. But with a team that could do better, he never got it.

His firing wasn’t a surprise. This year, if he didn’t lead the team to the playoffs, he was shown the door. The team is 3-8 now and is underachieving. I do hope he gets back on his feet elsewhere. What concerns me more is the future of the team. Will they end up moving? Who will be their new full-time coach?

I’m worried about this team and I hope they find a way to get back on the right track.


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A truck crashed into my parked car and now I can’t drive it

Yesterday, my parked car got hit and now it’s no longer drivable (is that a word?). I was indoors while this whole thing happened, so I am going based off what was seen by a witness.

A freight truck by Sysco was delivering things off at team headquarters and he drove past the driveway. My car was parked along the sidewalk near the driveway. As the truck tried to back into the driveway, his trailer hit the back of my car and thus resulted in the pictures seen below.

Fortunately, the driver doesn’t have a record of bad driving and he was remorseful. Dealing with AAA, tow truck, body shop and car rental people was really smooth. I dealt with good people. It just sucks that this accident happened and now my car is in the shop for maybe two weeks or so. Oh well.


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Oh yay! The NBA lockout is over!!

Just some quick thoughts. The NBA lockout is over. Good. Rich people now have their money problems taken care of.

I love basketball. But every year the NBA has made me not care for it. Maybe it’s the same teams going for the championship. Maybe it’s the bad officiating. Or maybe the other three sports I like, baseball, football and hockey are much better.

I was hoping that the entire season would be lost so I could focus on hockey. But oh well, basketball is back and all the baller junkies can have their day. Also, LeBron gets another shot at a title… nuts. Go Warriors!!!

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My Black Friday experience… or whatever you want to call it

This is where I was standing in line two hours before the doors opened. It wrapped around the parking lot.

I had no intention of buying anything on Black Friday. In fact, the only thing I really wanted was a new copy of Madden 12 (since I scratched my old one) and that wasn’t worth lining up for only to save about $10.

But my friend wanted a laptop from Best Buy so we decided to go line up there. But first, we went to Walmart because they had my game for $28 and the sale started at 10PM. Unfortunately, since the Walmart was in Richmond, I had to endure ghetto people and uneducated Walmart employees. Forget it. I’ll try my luck at Best Buy.

Got to Best Buy at around 10PM and stood in line there for no reason — but only to support my buddy as he wanted to get his game. We stood next to a Chinese family (speaking all Chinese) trying to buy things they don’t need just because they were cheap.

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How often do you actually say ‘thank you’ to someone?

The box knows what's up.

I know. It’s Thanksgiving and we’re supposed to give thanks and stuff. But how often do we actually give thanks? Is it once a year? I hope not.

Here’s the thing. I try to be thankful every day. In fact, I realized that saying “thank you” to someone means a lot to a person. Whenever someone thanks me for something, I feel special. I feel important. I feel like I mean something. It may be small, but it goes a long way.

Every day now I try to say “thank you” as much as I can. I want to share that feeling with others. I want to let the people I interact with know that I value them. I want them to know that they are worth something and they are important to me.

So don’t just give thanks today and think about the good things in your life. Instead of saying thanks for what you have, give thanks to someone and brighten up their day.

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My thoughts on Tim Tebow openly praising Jesus Christ and other things

I had been asked by a friend on what my thoughts on Tim Tebow are (and to blog about it). I take this as two different questions because Tim Tebow is not just one-trick pony. As you know, Tebow has been praised/criticized for being an unconventional quarterback. Also, Tebow is very open about his faith and that has also drawn a lot of positivity/negativity his direction.

Getting a blog post on this had been delayed for some time because I had been busy and also, I hadn’t fully established my thoughts on him. But this morning, I watched his interview on ESPN and it triggered me to react. So here are my thoughts on Tebow.

I’ll break down my thoughts on two parts: Tebow the quarterback and Tebow the Christian.

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What a crazy week this will be

Just a few thoughts on my mind as this week continues to roll.

  • Since the 49ers are doing the Thanksgiving game, it’s four days of work condensed into two days. Pretty crazy, pretty hectic. I just got through Monday’s and I was drained. This is going to be a challenge, but now it’s one more day left.
  • I will go home for the first time in nearly seven weeks. It’ll be great to come back home.
  • Thanksgiving dinner looks like it’s been moved to Saturday. That’s good. Let’s me focus on the 49ers game.
  • I’m ready for a new job, a new change. I haven’t had any leads yet and I am really stressed on what is up next. I love what I am doing but I don’t want to make it something in my life in the near future.
  • Small groups/Bible study has been really encouraging and I am really digging in what God has in store for me.
  • I got my Madden 12 disc scratched. I hope I can fix it.
  • This song is stuck in my head. Catchy video and I think it might be her best song off the album.

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