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Upset over poor word choice

Yeah this looks bad. But I also know that it was just worded poorly. You wouldn’t have “good” in quotes unless it is implying something about it.

Teacher could have worded it by saying “Name three reasons why slave owners wanted slavery” or something along those lines. It’s necessary to understand why people do certain things, even if it’s bad. But this is just poor word choice.


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Saying farewell

It’s hard to deal with death when it involves somebody you knew. It’s a different feeling you get when it involves different people and how the relationship was with them.

I remember a couple years ago I found out an old co-worker took his life. I only knew him for the several months we worked together so it wasn’t a deep relationship and we hadn’t talked since. But it hurt me knowing that someone who had a small impact on my life is gone.

Today I found out that a friend of mine passed away. It’s hard thing to take in right now. We had known each other since we were in elementary school and through high school. Although our friendship wasn’t extremely close, I still consider our friendship a good one. We would interact a little through Facebook and we saw each other at school reunions.

But it hurts right now because I don’t know how to take it in. I wonder if I had never moved from the Bay, we probably would have had a better friendship seeing each other. I also know that in those brief moments we did share together, they were fun and full of joy.

I feel sadness. I feel heartbroken. Even though we weren’t close, it breaks my heart. My buddy was my age. At such a young age too!

I have memories that I hold on to with my buddy. I keep remembering the great things I learned. One of the best writing tips I learned from you. The love of life, I picked up from you. I always felt that I could trust you when I needed help.

This is hard. Rest in peace my friend.

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