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Question: What’s the difference between a chair and a table? Answer: None

Best of both worlds?

I was watching the NFL Combine on TV today and one of the players talked about the interview questions he was asked. Here are a couple of them:

  • What’s the difference between an orange and an apple?
  • If you were dropped off in the middle of the forest, how do you get back to the city?

These are common interview-type questions that forces the potential employer to think quick. It also allows the employer to see how quick an interviewee can solve a problem.

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Dream jobs I’ve always wanted since I was a kid until now

I had this random thought pop into my head and I thought I’d share it with you all.

As a kid, when teachers talk about careers, they always tell kids that they could be anything they want. They could be president (unless the kid was foreign, then they couldn’t), a fireman, a teacher, an astronaut, all the things that sounded cool to the kids.

I had no aspirations to be put in a role of super responsibilities. I wanted to do something that just seemed super cool. Over the years as a kid up until right now at the age of 24 21, I still think about some possible fun careers I might have had. I still could reach these goals, but it’s always fun to dream.

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Customizing my Facebook profile into something cool

Took me a little while, but I finally got it right.

Ever since the new Facebook profile layout was released a while back in December, I already had took advantage of it by putting my own touch to it. With the five most recent tags placed across the top of the profile, I decided to toy around with it.

The first one I used was to have my catching a baseball with my outstretched left arm. That got some positive reviews but it wasn’t as good as I wanted. Since it looks like that I am the only one in my circle of friends that has done this, I changed it up again today with me swinging a baseball bat.

I must say, this turned out really good. Notice that the bat is behind a white wall, giving it the illusion that it’s part of the profile. And yes, I shot the picture by myself.

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Internship over; on to the next gig

Friday was my last day at Bleacher Report as my six-month internship contract ended it. It was a good six months of learning and being in a very cool sports environment. However, it was time for me to move on and try to find an opportunity to be a real reporter, a person that was on the scene of sporting events.

I liked my internship. There were a lot of good people that made my time there super fun. But ultimately it was hard for me to see myself doing newsletters for the future. I still had a lot of passion and desire in me to become a real journalist. I know that it will be tough for me to find a new job, but I’m praying that something comes up.

The last day there was super cool with us having a farewell beer pong (in which I scored the game winning toss) and a gift certificate (which will arrive later) for Mickey’s Place. Very cool.

Now off to bigger and better things. Where will my new career lead me? Don’t know, but I’m excited to find out.

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Reading up on the 1996 Jacksonville Jaguars

A few days ago, I received “Jags to Riches” in the mail. This was a book written by two beat writers that covered the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1996. After winning their last five games to qualify for the postseason in their second year of existence, the Jaguars won two playoff games and were a touchdown away from making it to the Super Bowl.

I became a Jags fan back then because of all the cool players on that team. Mark Brunell, Jimmy Smith and even head coach Tom Coughlin brings back really cool memories for me.

This book was written after the 1996 season and I finally got around to it (after learning about it a month ago). I like reading about teams that have tremendous seasons after seemingly being counted out numerous times. It’s good reading material for me as now I have more time on my hands doing my job search.

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Happy birthday George Harrison

When I first got into The Beatles as a kid with my friends, we all pretended to be one of the members. I chose George Harrison because he was the teallest (like I was at the time) and he was the quietest (not so much like me). But what I liked about him was that he wasn’t super popular like John or Paul but he was there making great music.

“I wanted to be successful, not famous.” — George Harrison

George to me was not a guy that wanted to be out there and make big waves. He just wanted to enjoy things. After his work with The Beatles, he put together a magical album called “All Things Must Pass” and to me it is one of th best albums I own.

It’s kinda sad that half of The Beatles is no longer with us. But it’s still great to think about how pretty cool and awesome George meant to me in my discovery of music.

For today only, you can watch the “Concert for George” on live stream for free. Check it out.

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My awesome night watching Prince rock Oakland

The sweet stage.

Last night I attended one of the best concerts in the world. I may be biased since Prince was on top of my list of artists to see live, but he clearly knows how to entertain and I was in a whole world of amazement.

My friend Maccewill and I go to Oracle at around 6:15 and when the doors opened 15 minutes later, we rushed right through to the merchandise stand. Having been to previous concerts, buying the merchandise early is always a good plan. Unfortunately, they didn’t have anything really cool except for a tour shirt (without dates sadly) and a raspberry beret. I stuck with the shirt.

They did sound checks, so we waited before we were allowed to our seats. After we got settled, Larry Graham and his band (Graham Central Station) started off the evening with a sweet set of hits, including a few of his work while with Sly and the Family Stone. The one-hour set featured the original drummer from the band too. It was a total party.

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