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Bless you, Weird Al

That is all. The entire week of videos has been so good.

I am so bummed. He has a signing today in LA and I am still in the Bay Area.

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I got to see Gabriel Iglesias again and he still is so funny

I saw Gabriel way back when before he got real famous. Now that he’s had his own show and a movie coming out, I knew that his great talents are being recognized. But when I found out he was doing a show at a small venue on Tuesday, I jumped right on it.

The show was set to start at 10PM, but didn’t start until maybe 15 minutes after that. Martin Moreno opened up with a very funny set and this is the first time I really got a chance to hear his stuff. I saw bits here and there before, but through an entire set, this guy was pretty good.

When Gabriel came on, he was all over the place. He was telling stories of the aftermath of some of his jokes and how they affect people. One joke about cake and since then, he keeps getting cakes weekly.

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Don’t be be prideful and be afraid to ask for help

Sometimes we act like the above. We refuse help. We stand on our own trying to get through while everyone else wants to help us.

That’s not we need to do in life. In fact, asking for help doesn’t make anyone soft. It’s OK. Not asking for help makes someone look weak. The fact that they think they can do everything is foolish. We aren’t designed to do everything on our own. We need our friends. We need our family. Sometimes, we have to rely all on God to help us.

But here we are today trying to be so hard that we don’t as for help.

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Doof drops truth bombs on how bad Christmas has become

Seriously, Christmas is too much. I can’t stand it.

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Gabriel Iglesias continues to rock and maintains atop my list of favorite comedians

Love that he dispells the stereotype of the Middle Easterns and still tells it in a way where it’s funny. So glad to have seen him live years ago and have been his fan since.

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Cereal with a Fork


He’ll come back, right?

Originally posted on Cereal with a Fork:

Cereal with a Fork

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“Wreck-It Ralph” teaches us a great lesson about God’s love

A beautiful lesson told at the end of the movie.

I remember watching “Wreck-It Ralph” the week it came out because I love arcades and video games. Plus, Disney animated films usually are a high five. The other day I picked up the movie on Blu-Ray and I watched it again.

It didn’t hit me but as I watched it, I started to realize that the message in the movie was really profound. In fact, it was very strong and possibly one the best messages any movie has told in my recent memory.

This post contains spoilers to the movie so if you don’t want to know what happens, I am warning you. But the lesson here is so great that maybe you should read ahead anyway.

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