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My adventure at Facebook HQ and getting a professional work page

The Facebook wall.

Facebook held a conference for aspiring journalists at their headquarters today. It was basically an event where some distinguished journalists talk about how they use Facebook to enhance their writing and interact with readers.

It was really cool at first being at Facebook headquarters. Second of all, I learned a whole lot about how Facebook is such a strong medium to get the news stories out to readers. Not only is it just a way to connect, but it’s such a strong way to send out information.

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Football, Facebook and a bunch of other things

A couple things that are going on right now. As you may or may not know, the NFL lockout is for the moment, lifted. But the NFL is appealing and a lot of technical stuff could ensure.

I actually don’t want the lockout to end — at least not now. With the NFL Draft being this weekend, I don’t want any more distractions to the toughest weekend of my 49ers writing period. I have lost a lot of sleep over the draft the past three years and I just can’t afford to be over-stressing from the lockout.

And speaking of the draft, I will be in Santa Clara at the 49ers headquarters throughout the entire draft. This is my first time doing coverage at team headquarters. It’s going to be very interesting and it might be my last time ever going to team headquarters for coverage.

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Happy Easter! The resurrected Jesus is what the people need

Jesus is Risen!

Happy Easter!

One of the things that strikes me about Easter is that without the resurrection of Christ, there isn’t eternal salvation. Simply put: everything that Jesus did on His time on earth means absolutely nothing if He doesn’t raise from the dead.

All throughout the world, the people are looking for their Savior. They are looking for the answer to God. When Jesus walked the earth, the people were happy. But deep down inside, they needed something more than just Jesus. They needed the resurrected Jesus.

I have another clip from The Last Temptation of Christ that better explains this than I can.

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Good Friday: Looking back at the last temptation of Christ through film

The ultimate sacrifice.

Today is Good Friday — the observance in the Christian faith of Jesus Christ’s death on the cross. To me this one of those days where I have to sit back and think about how tough it must have been for Jesus on the cross.

He had so many opportunities to do miracles during his trial and even save His own life from the cross. People pressured hHm to do it, but He knew that in order to bring salvation, He had to go through the entire thing.

It’s hard to grasp sometimes as to what Jesus went through as he hung on the cross. Many times when the story is told, we don’t get to see the human side of Him struggle with the temptation to walk away and seek a normal life.

I want you to check out this video…

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I just sold my custom painted Hideki Matsui bobblehead for some good money

Sold for $100.

When I first bought this bobblehead, I had the notion to custom paint it and sell it. I bought two of them so I could sell one and keep one for myself. I had always been curious as to how much it would go for if I sold a custom painted bobblehead that I knew was the only one out there in the open market.

Plus, with encouragement from friends, I had a good feeling about how my painting skills have come around recently. Looking at past custom jobs from other sellers, I set the bid at $99.99 and it sold!

But with that, I will stop selling bobbleheads. One of the things that I had always worried about is that once I started making money off a hobby I love, it not longer becomes a hobby. It becomes a job and I don’t want to make it a job. Besides, there are legalities in selling anything with the likeness and image of a player or a company logo without their consent.

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Free Nintendo Wii and free food from Falafel’s Drive In

One of the best places to eat in San Jose.

Wednesday was another day in Santa Clara. I was down there as the 49ers held their local pro day. It was cool. I got a chance to talk to Cal RB Shane Vereen and shake hands and talk with Jim Harbaugh for the first time officially.

After that, I met up with my friend for dinner at Falafel’s Drive In. After dinner, they were closing and they had leftover falafels. I got a free falafel because they didn’t want it to go to waste.

Also, I had won a Nintendo Wii for finishing third in a March Madness pool. Since I don’t care for the Wii, I sold it to my friend for $150. Not bad. Free Wii got me money and I got a free falafel from one of my favorite places. I like that!

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Sharks comeback win over the Kings has got to be the best hockey game I’ve ever seen!

Ryane Clowe has his LOL moment. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

This really isn’t a blog post, but really just a quick little something. After the Sharks rallied from a 4-0 deficit to win 6-5 in overtime, I tried to find the perfect picture from the night.

I found the above picture. It summed up everything.

  • A dejected Drew Doughty, the young leader of the Kings, skating off. The youth and inexperience showed up tonight.
  • We have the entire Sharks team celebrating their overtime win.
  • And we have Ryane Clowe, looking back, having his laughing moment. He knew the Sharks weren’t going to back down. He’s probably looking at Jason Demers, but whatever. This picture is perfect.

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