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Worst Christmas car commercial ever


Probably the worst Christmas commercial I have ever seen. This company, along with Apple’s “What’s a computer?”, is so far removed from reality.

The car bow commercials have existed for years, but it’s been so ingrained into this boy’s mind that every Christmas he expects to see a new car parked outside. This is not normal behavior. This is also not reality. Where in the world where this type of mindset and expectations are normal things you allow your kid to live with?

These commercials have warped this boy’s mind where even into his adulthood, he hopes that someone would just gift him a brand new luxury car. SMH.



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I found a Christian podcast that is going to piss off Christians

Last week I was driving and decided I wanted to see if I could find a podcast to listen to on my drive. I found a wrestling one which was fun but I decided that I wanted to listen to a Christian podcast. After all, as a Christian, I must be listening to Christian things when I drive. Whether it’s Christian music, Christian radio or sermons, I must listen to Christian things.

I stumbled upon Good Christian Fun and the title was misleading. But after listening, I realized it’s the perfect title.

The first podcast I listened to was actually their most recent episode, which was a live commentary on the awful movie “God’s Not Dead.”

I think Caroline and Kevin the hosts already stated that they are Christians so I think this was OK listening, right?

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