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Seeing Tess Henley perform live (again) was all kinds of amazing and nostalgic

Before I even tell you about it, let me preface this.

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2012, I was not particularly in a good state. I was alone living in a place I am unfamiliar with. I was starting a new job and even though things were coming to me, I had a rough schedule and I was basically having a little hard time adjusting.

But a couple weeks into my new life in Los Angeles, I attended a show at The Hotel Cafe to see Rachel Platten (and also ended up discovering Madi Diaz). For the first time sine I moved to LA, I was actually happy. I was in a good mood. I was enjoying my new life. So to me, this specific venue holds a lot of meaning to me. It meant so much, I ended up using it as my backdrop to one of my greatest writing achievements with my legendary Ami Mills story.

I had not returned to the venue since then for various reasons. But last night was my first night back and I would get a chance to see Tess Henley. This really excited me!

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How I got to spend ‘Back to the Future’ day chatting with Lea Thompson

Source: How I got to spend ‘Back to the Future’ day chatting with Lea Thompson


You wanna know how I celebrate “Back to the Future?” Check my story!

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I went to see Run the Jewels last night and almost got squashed in the mosh pit

I am a big Run the Jewels fan and I was aware of their show in Pomona for some time. But I was uncertain if I could go to the show. First of all, I didn’t even know if I would have the time on Friday. But when I woke up Friday morning and started mulling the potential drive and the price of the tickets, I decided that I had to go to the show. I bought the ticket and after work, I immediate made my way out to Pomona.

I was fortunate to find parking just two blocks away. Everything else was filled up and they were charging $10 to park at the lot across the street from the venue. I got in line at around 7:30, which was about half an hour or so before the doors opened up. I’ve been to a rap concerts in my lifetime and I always noticed that the crowd is usually mostly white people. Just an observation — I was probably the only Chinese person at the show.

When I got into the venue, I immediate went to the merch table since I knew I didn’t want to try to deal with a long line after the show. Of course as I do with every concert, I bought the tour T-shirt.


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How I got the pre-sale Selena Gomez Revival Tour tickets without having the code

As you know, I am a huge Selena Gomez fan. Take a look at the above photo. That’s me the morning the album came out.

In fact, getting the album was a tricky situation. I had two options. Buy the pre-sale of the album off Selena’s site, pay for expensive shipping, but along with that, get a pre-sale code for her tour. The album she had features 14 songs.

Or I wait for the actual release date and buy the 16-track version from Target. No pre-sale code comes with that.

I decided to get the Target version because I was very confident that I don’t need a pre-sale to secure the tickets to her show. And yes, I still ended up getting a pre-sale code and buying the tickets today. That’s two days before it goes sale to the general public.

How did I do it?

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I’d like to disappear for a while

I’d like to go away and go camping. Maybe then I can just get away from my responsibilities and just be free.

I would like to be away from it all, even for a weekend. Wouldn’t that be nice? I miss those days.

Can I have it back?

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