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What a crazy time

I am so packed busy these days.

Because of my new job, I work weekends. That means busy time away from friends. Busy time away from church. Busy busy busy!

Then I got all that traveling in October. In one week I will be going from LA to SF, then back to LA before a trip to MIN, then back for a drive to Vegas.

And not only that, but I don’t have time to actually have nice full days to spend with my girl. And on top of that, I am still trying to find full-time work, which means I am still hunting for a job and interviewing for it and so forth.

Crazy time. And I got concerts to attend as well. Oh man!


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I am going to Paisley Park in October because I am a huge Prince fan!

Is this really happening?

When they announce that Paisley Park would be open for tours, I immediately jumped on it. I have to go. I love Prince.

But a return to Minnesota? I haven’t been there since 2010. But yes, for Prince, I must.

Oct 4-7. It has been set. I am going on opening day Oct 6 and will end the night at First Avenue. How cool is that?

The rest of the trip? Undetermined. My friend Louis is letting me crash at his place. All for you Prince!


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Adidas is trash and their shoe melts

I don’t understand. These were in my closet. No direct exposure to heat. Yet look. The shoe has just melted. What is going on?


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I met Bill Walton last night!

The story

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Screw you Panda Express and your chork crap

Screw you Panda Express. I hate you already and now you’ve done this.

Just learn how to use chopsticks. It’s not hard.

Why do we need this garbage? Go away! Don’t give them an out with a fork at the end. Shame on you!!!!

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That stupid police ice cream viral video

I saw this yesterday and I also wondered why it was being praised as such a great thing.

Is it legal to pull someone over without an actual probable reason? And no, ice cream is not a reason.

Look at her. She’s scared shitless because of what has happened to black people from the cops. And to instill that fear to make yourself look good.

And what about this dumbass self promotion of making this go viral. “Hey everyone, come see how good I am!”

Good deed? What was the intent? A selfish act that tapped into the fear of a woman and her son. Shame!

This is awful.

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