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2013 in review for my blog

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 25,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


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Merry Christmas!

It’s a celebration of the beginning of the fulfillment of God’s promise of saving us. That’s pretty cool. Thanks, God!

I’m just happy to be back home with family today, away from work. Good times.

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All the reactions to Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson anti-gay remarks are wrong

I read the above link because well, I didn’t know what was going on.

You see, I’ve never seen an episode of Duck Dynasty. Quite frankly, I don’t even know what the show is about. I don’t care about the show. So with that, when this Phil Robertson guy said something, it blew right over my head because I don’t know what he is.

I then decided to read more about it and came across the above link. It gave me the gist of it and both sides of the biblical argument. But after reading all that, I have come to the conclusion that everybody’s reaction is wrong.

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The story of how I got to meet Dr. J

What a great experience for me.

But at the end of the day...

Several weeks ago I found out too late about a Stevie Nicks signing at a Barnes & Noble in LA. That devastated me because I love Fleetwood Mac and she’s my favorite. However that day, I also found out that Julius Erving would be signing his new autobiography a couple weeks later. I knew for sure that I could not miss it.

For these kind of events, it’s actually free. Of course, you have to pay a price for waiting in line and buying the book to sign. But other than that, it’s a pretty great deal.

I woke up at 6AM this morning to make sure that I was in line when the store opened at 9AM to get a wristband that secured a signed copy of the book. 6AM is early but if you understand LA traffic, it was the right call. I actually got to the shopping…

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I met Robert Trujillo of Metallica

A free screening of “Through the Never,” a movie by Metallica. It’s not a real concert, but it’s a movie about a concert with a narrative of a boy on a mission to help the band. It makes no sense explaining it, but it was an awesome movie.

My ears were ringing after the film. The sound was great. The music was great. The graphics were amazing!

Prior to the movie, Lars Ulrich did a Q&A talking about the making of the film. Then after the movie, Robert Trujillo did a Q&A and talked more about what we saw. He even hung around after to take pictures. That guy is funny.


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Tears of a Clown

Vaseline on my cheek, wipe off the white

Just me and the mirror under the small light

Another day gone by in front of the crowd

They kept chanting my name oh so loud

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WHATEVER HAPPENED TO…The Cast of Ghostwriter

So for the past two weeks I took a trip down memory lane and pretty much rewatched all the Ghostwriter episodes. The show was one of my favorites as a kid and I was truly inspired by the show to really enjoy reading. Looking back, I have to say that this was probably one of the most important shows in my life. I can say it has a foundation to my career now as a writer. I really wish the show lasted longer but there’s a part of me that’s happy that it got to where it did.

Mass Cultured

If in the early ‘90s, you were a) between the ages of 7 and 14, b) owned a television, and c) literate, then you probably watched Ghostwriter.  Produced by the Children’s Television Workshop (now called the Sesame Workshop) and BBC One, it premiered in the U.S. on PBS on October 4, 1992. Despite its popularity, the show was abruptly cancelled in its third season due to a lack of funding.  The final episode was broadcast on February 13, 1995.

Ghostwriter focused on a racially diverse group of pre-teen friends who lived in Brooklyn, and solved neighbourhood mysteries with help from an invisible ghost.  While much of the young cast’s acting was painful to watch, especially in the earliest episodes (most of the kids were from non-acting backgrounds), the show was a hit with its target audience.  It was also lauded by teachers, who praised the series for teaching writing…

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