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I saw ‘Batman v. Superman’ again and it was way better

I saw the movie again and I must say it was better the second time around. I think because I now knew what to expect, what to look out for, that I was able to really appreciate the movie.

There were certain connections to the entire story that wasn’t there for me until this second time. I noticed more detail, mot Easter Eggs and a lot more. I still love this movie and Wonder Woman still steals the entire movie.

I can’t wait for the Justice League now! Give it to me!!!


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My ‘Batman v. Superman’ movie review

If you want a well-thought out post, go to here:

This movie was everything I hoped it would be. But it still was a little messy and a little complicated. But that’s what I expected. Zack Snyder has created a universe that is not so easy to figure out. The characters are emotional wrecks. The villains are a lot more maniacal. And the way things developed have so much back and forth it really gets heavy.

But what I got out of this movie is that the real world caught up with itself. It’s true that in a situation like this, we do wonder whether or not we could trust Superman. And is Batman really the answer to all this? This is what the movie gave us. I sensed some real dilemma in who to root for and that stems from how we could really react if this was real life.

Overall though, I liked it and I will watch it again. What I take from this movie is that our fantasies and hopes of what it could be will never be met. Instead it’s a dose of reality and hardships that we somehow can fully understand better by watching it. It’s complicated — just the way it should be.

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Bullying kids on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to bully a kid. I remember showing up to school one day and on St. Patrick’s Day and not having any green on. I forgot. I didn’t get why wearing green was a big deal. After all, our principal lied to us every day about seeing a leprechaun running around our school — and she encouraged the kids to lie along with her. My first exposure to this “holiday” was built on a lie.

I remember I think I was in 4th grade or something and I didn’t have any green on. So naturally what would happen was that I would get teased for not having green and getting pinched. BECAUSE I WAS NOT LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, I WAS SINGLED OUT AND SUBJECTED TO PHYSICAL EMBARRASSMENT. And this was socially acceptable. The entire day I was embarrassed to be different. I was mocked and hurt. I cried that day.

To this very day, I still don’t know why we celebrate this “holiday.” All I know is that this day opened up the opportunity for others to bully me. You guys can drink to that.

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Finally that recap about the spring training trip

This past weekend I went out to Phoenix to catch some spring training. It was a tough drive since I was going out to the Grand Canyon first. That was a seven-hour drive and on three hours sleep.


But wow the Grand Canyon is gorgeous. I’ve been to the Hoover Dam part before but going to the South Rim and seeing all of that was amazing! I was breathless, even though I was super tired.

Then the rest of the night was just to get back to the Phoenix area, get some Lo-Lo’s (yes, oh that place again!) before heading to crash.

The next two nights had me go to Peoria to see the Indians vs Padres. That park is really nice. It was great to sit, relax and just soak up some Indians baseball. The next game the day after was the A’s and Cubs. Hohokam was really nice. Way better than Phoenix Municipal. It was a simple park and I really liked it because it still looked really fancy and up to date modern.

What made this trip also great was that I went back to the places that I had eaten before for fun. Not only did we do Lo-Lol’s, but we also did Matt’s Big Breakfast and Haus Murphy’s. I made multiple trips to Cracker Barrel too.

Honestly, I want to go back next year and try out new food places. See the A’s at home and get a game in at Goodyear. That I must!

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I just got the Peanuts Movie and I am so happy!!!!!

This is all you need to know. I woke up to get to Target right when it opened! Yes!!!!! And the plush!!!

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My weekend Vegas trip to see The Beatles LOVE was amazing!

I want to go into full detail about this past weekend’s trip but I just don’t have the energy and effort to type it all out. I don’t even have the effort to give you the details on how it all went down.

But I will tell you this. The show was a Beatles’ fans’ dream come true. If you love the band like I do and love great storytelling, then this was for you. I got teary eyed for several songs and performances and the excitement and visual pleasure of the performers was simply amazing! I am still speechless that I finally got to see this after all these years!

I am so lucky!

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I just saw Best Coast last night and it was so good!

I just saw Best Coast last night. I had a great weekend and they were the cherry on top. I am speechless at how wonderful Bethany was and how great they sounded live. I had feared that the show would be a downer since some people have complained about Beth’s performances. But since this was the last show of the tour, she was energized and was exciting to watch!

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