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Just ordered my copy of ‘George Harrison: Living in the Material World’

George Harrison: Living in the Material World

As you all know, I am a huge fan of The Beatles. George Harrison is my favorite of all of them. I remember when I was a kid and I pretended that I was in The Beatles and I was George.

Anyway, the Harrison documentary is airing on HBO next week and I need to find a way to watch it. I don’t have HBO so I gotta find a place to watch it. If it’s available on DVD/Blu-Ray later, I suppose I have to get it.

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Thoughts on this list: 7 Shopping Secrets Retailers Won’t Tell You


Clearance items can be good or bad -- depending on how you approach it.

I came across this article last night and I wanted to share it. Like the title of this entry says, it’s seven shopping secrets that we as the consumers don’t know.

But as I read through this list, one of them stood out to me.

Don’t Turn Right When Entering the Store

“Retail shopping studies have found that most people turn right when they enter a store. That’s because the majority of the population is right-handed and right-oriented,” says Underhill.

Knowing this, stores highlight tempting new items and trends to the right of the entrance. You’ll find that the music is louder and the displays are brighter to attract you where you will look and turn first. This is also where the most expensive items in the store are generally displayed.

Resist the urge: “Shop with blinders on,” says Kay. “Stick to your list with the cash in your hand. Avoid credit card debt at all costs, and head straight to what you came for.”

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Baseball season has come and gone; the fall is cold but the spring will be nice and warm

I don’t feel like writing a season recap or whatever about this season. I had never been to so many A’s games in one season my entire life. I never felt so much hope for an A’s team in one season.

But I enjoyed it all. Losses were hard. Wins were fun. But it reminds me that’s why I love baseball — especially this team. I am not here for the fad, the wins, or whatever like that. I am here for the ride and the journey continues onto next spring.

I regret nothing. I had a really good time. I look forward to spring.

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After seeing ‘Moneyball’ for the second time, here’s my movie review

Brad Pitt during the movie premiere on Monday.

As the rest of America is getting ready to see Moneyball for the first time, I just got back from watching it for the second time and I must say, I have had two different impressions of it.

I had already read the book a while back, so the first time I saw it I was trying to pinpoint the accuracy of the book to the movie. I didn’t really grasp the film for what it could be as a film until I saw it the second time. And it’s with that second showing did I really understand how wonderful this film is.

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Farewell to the Coliseum — I’ll see you again next season

One more look at the place I called home for the summer.

So this Wednesday was my last time going to an A’s game this season. It was a little bittersweet in a sense that I was happy that the season was over and the A’s no longer had to struggle through it. Yet at the same time, I’m sad that just like that, baseball was over for me.

I had some really great memories at the Coliseum this year. This was the most times I had ever gone to A’s games in one season. So for me, this season meant a lot to me. Even though the team didn’t do so well, I had tons of fun.

Here are some of my favorite memories (in no specific order)

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R.E.M. decides to take a rest and call it a day — thanks for all the great music!

Simply one of the greatest bands ever!

On their official website, R.E.M. has decided to call it quits. This is one of my favorite bands of all time and I regret never seeing them perform live.

I think what this group did for me was give me a small taste of simplicity in lyrics but a eternity of smooth sailing.

I don’t know how to grasp the idea that the band is done and I can’t see any of their shows. I’m gonna miss R.E.M. They just had so much good music. I fell in love with them after I saw the Red Square concert and since then, I’ve been their biggest fan. I can’t believe that even after releasing their latest album not too long ago, that was it for them. Thanks Mike, Michael and Peter!

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Behind the scenes with Brad Pitt in Sports Illustrated cover shoot

More stuff from Sports Illustrated from the Brad Pitt photoshoot. Moneyball is getting some good love, which it deserves. I can’t wait for my copy of SI to come in the mail!

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