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More thoughts and thoughts

I don’t know this has become one of the busiest months for me. I have not been able to consistently write for my sports blog. This blog isn’t getting much attention either. Even my final installment of trolling stone may or may not happen.

The busyness isn’t all that crazy really. I still am working the same hours as last month. But the move to a new office drains me because of the commute. Not only that, I just don’t have the motivation to write. Maybe this is a sign of me growing up and maturing into something else? I don’t think that’s the best way to describe it. But then again, that could exactly be it.

But I do know during Labor Day weekend I am hosting a nice BBQ so I am really excited for that. This is the first time I am hosting a party on my own with people that are visiting my place for the first time. I am excited.

Hey when are you writing in the green book?

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Happy birthday, Green Eggs and Lam

Wow, it’s been five years! I can’t believe I’ve maintained this blog for this long and not changed much. I haven’t blogged as frequently as I did compared to five years ago, but this is still my avenue of sharing my adventures and thoughts.

To another five more years!


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Where has my creativity gone?

I think that one of the reasons why I am not blogging as much is because of how little time I have to sit down and just think. And by thinking, I mean creatively think. I have opinions on many things but I don’t feel compelled to share them as much. Especially with my creative writing.

Last night I was thinking about the two Rolling Stone articles I wrote and debated whether or not I should try to write another one or just let it go. I had planned to do one a while back but I scrapped it because the story wasn’t to my liking. The idea now is maybe I don’t want to write it and just share what I had written. Or maybe I go completely in a new direction.

One thing I do want to do is try to get some photography in. Of course I have no real experience so it’s just finding some cool things to share like the one above. It’s not great but it’s something I hope I can perfect. Just to come up with some cool pics.

There’s a lot of changes now that has stunted my creativity. I think I truly need to be inspired but I don’t have it in me. At least not now. Maybe it will come soon. I do want to write one more Rolling Stone article or maybe paint a bobblehead again. I need to be creative again. I just have to find it.

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Finally a time to blog and not get caught up in things

For the first time in a while, I can finally relax. This past week or so I was so caught up in busyness that I never really got to blog as much as I wanted to this month.

Done with VBS as it took a lot out of me to watch the kids and get sunburn on my scalp.

Done with V3con in which I no longer have to stress about writing sponsorship posts and working through social media.

Done with Family Promise’s overnight stay on Sunday.

Welcome to being the new official prayer leader.

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No cell phone for a week is gonna be challenging

This thing is done!

So after almost three years of using my cell phone and refusing to get a new one just because it was working, it finally died on me last night. The battery is dead and it won’t charge or turn back on. It’s officially done.

I was planning to get a new phone next week anyway. But until then I won’t have anything to use. So yeah, this sucks. Surprisingly, I am not like most smartphone users. I actually don’t spend a whole deal of my time on my apps or anything. Really, I am just concerned for people trying to communicate with me via calls or text. I don’t have that through Christmas. That’s not fun.

But yeah, so I have to find a way to get to a computer more often during this time just in case someone wants to contact me via Facebook or email or something. What a bummer. But hey, I can manage. It’s not going to be that hard. Just super inconvenient.

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Random thoughts as the year comes to an end

Here are some random thoughts. I never really care about end of the year, new year, or whatever but as we are actually approaching it, here are some thoughts.

  • I have the Madi Diaz concert tomorrow. This is the second time I am seeing her this year. This comes after seeing Fleetwood Mac in Oakland on Wednesday. And that came after seeing Nikki Lane in concert. I also saw Paul McCartney again. Even saw Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Diddy and the whole Maybach Music gang. I got concerts lined up the wazoo this year. Saw MC Jin and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers this year as well. Woo that was fun. Been to a couple other shows. And also some sweet events like the Grammy show. Up next year is Lana Del Rey, The Who and possibly The Ting Tings? I don’t know.
  • I hate Christmas. I don’t like what it has become. I love Jesus. But I can’t stand three months of Christmas leading up to the actual Christmas day. I don’t give gifts. I just find it too stressful and unnecessary. Yet lately, I have just ended up buying things for myself. I feel like I need to stop. I don’t keep track of everything well but I can feel that I need to start saving up.

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Custom Tony La Russa Oakland Athletics bobblehead

Before and after.

This was something I had thought about for some time but never got to it. But after the two-year hiatus, I got an old Tony La Russa Cardinals bobblehead and converted it into what he wore when managing the A’s.

From the socks to the uniform, I think I captured it well. It wasn’t an easy conversion but I am happy with what I ended up with.

One issue I did encounter was that the head fell off. I don’t have any glue so I will glue it back on later.

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